02 September 2011

In Order to Get Dinner Ready....

Dinner preparation is the hardest time of day. The baby wants to be held, the kids are hungry, and I am tired. Yesterday I shooed the kids outside for 10 minutes to finish making dinner. Dinner was delicious, by the way! We had bacon, chard, and tomato sauce over pasta. The meal was dished up and ready for the hooligans to come eat it and throw it on the floor. I came outside to find two naked jay birds dancing on the slide and splashing in the pool. The same jay birds decided it'd be fun to fill the sandbox with water too. I had to laugh at their white little buns. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice one thing for another.

Yesterday Everett scooted himself over to a monkey hanging on his playmat to chew on its foot. He did not move very far, but at 3 mths six inches is quite a ways. He entertained himself with that monkey foot for 10 minutes. He is finally feeling better and sleeping more normally. He is waking up at night with coughing spells. Today he finally decided to nurse on a normal schedule. I've pumped most every day this week just to keep my milk supply normal. Phillip had me milk his belly button several times. I am taking zicam and echinacea to fight off my body's desire to get sick again. I am tired of all this sickness.

This week I sewed a couple cute things, made some new headbands, and hung more photos in the boys room. Everett modeled a fun headband made with peacock feathers. Wednesday evening I had a photoshoot with a family from Sidney. I had the mom bring balloons for their little two year old. For the baby I brought an old tin tub, water, bubble bath, towels, and a rubber duckie. We had a great time in the warm evening! The baby was not so fond of the COLD bath water, he was much more cooperative once the water was emptied. Check out their fun session: HERE.