30 June 2011

Wow, it's humid


The past few days were soooo humid. My hair is loving it! I feel like we are back in NC during the summer, complete with evening rain showers. Yesterday it was almost 100 degrees outside. The kids enjoyed playing in our wading pool, the sprinkler, and the bird bath. That bird bath sees a lot of action! Amelia made a mud cake in the bird bath. Phillip was enthralled with the idea of dirt, water, and rocks. He had to stretch on tip toes to reach inside the bird bath which made his short slide down. This kid will have an amazing plumber's crack, look how cute it is now! Everett just looked so cute in the seersucker pants and onesie I made for him. He spent a good 20 minutes staring at the way the sun came through the tree leaves.

Pony Tails


Finally convinced Amelia to let me try putting her hair up in pony tails. The back does not stay in but the front looks pretty cute. I french braided one side but it "hurt" too much to repeat on the other side. She wanted me to take photos of her cute hair. I love the clips she picked out too. Do you love her modeled "emotions"? She gave me disgusted, sassy, and surprised all of her own accord. Silly Billy Banana.