01 April 2011

Sewing for Summer

I continued appliqueing some blank shirts for my kiddos over the last week or so. Amelia was sooooooooo excited to choose her designs and fabrics. She wanted a unicorn, a tiara, and gumballs (inspired by Pinkalicious?). We spent an afternoon making her shirts. While in Utah Courtenay took me to Down East. We picked up some Pottery Barn shirts that had small holes on the upper left of the shirt from personalized embroidery gone wrong. The boys got a couple coordinating shirts. Courtenay cut out the elephants with her snazzy cricut machine. I also made some hats on the trip to Utah five are not pictured since the hats were given away. I love the little bunny ensemble! Can't wait to photograph a newborn one day. Lastly, made some more headbands with supplies scored in Utah. I love the bright colors.

My little, sweet girl loves to pose. She wanted to help me try out my new floor treatment and snazzy headband for a pack of smarties. Barnwood floors are super popular right now. The floors are like a large mouse pad you can roll up and put away. The top of the pad has a screened wood floor pattern. The cheapest floor is about $200. I noticed barnwood paper at the teacher supply store for bulletin boards. It looks really bad up close but amazing from even a couple feet away. Scored the paper for $5 per roll. I need to adhere the paper to something more sturdy.