13 December 2009

The Bag Balm Incident 2009

We had our first major mess performed by Miss Amelia this afternoon. Justin put her down for a nap about 2:00 pm. I was in the basement with Phillip waiting for his nap time. At 3 pm I put Phillip down then went to take a nap. At 3:30 I walked by her room and heard a muffled giggle. Alarm bells went off since she was supposed to be napping. Mia was sitting up on her bed playing with her mimi's (monkeys). At closer glance I noticed she was slightly shiny and yellow. A little closer glance revealed she was smeared from head to toes with BAG BALM. Lying underneath her mimi was a 10 oz tin of empty bag balm. Her hair, hands, face, tights, new Christmas shirt, pillow, blankies, toys, and sheets were all covered in a thick layer of yellow slimey bag balm. She looked at me with total innocence and exclaimed, "mommy, my hands are yucky!" Yah, ya think? Justin and I used over half a bottle of Dawn in her bath (drained three times) and on her textiles trying to get most of the balm off. After a two hour laundry spin with extra hot water and tough laundry soap her linens actually came clean. Justin worked on her Christmas shirt with some elbow grease so it came clean and is happily wearable.

Before bed I asked her what happened and she said, "I made a mess...a BIG mess!" No joke kiddo. She also succeeded in spilling grape kool-aid twice, once on the floor and then all over our bed spread. We had quite the day....

Funderful Day

We had an awesome day yesterday! Deb, a friend in the ward, came over around 11 to chat about crochet patterns. She gave (!!!) me several more cute patterns to try out. Her twins are dressed to the nines in cute crocheted hats, booties, sweaters, and blankets. Her skills put me to shame!! LOL. We all went to lunch at Cabela's, first doing a little shopping in the store. During lunch Santa and Mrs. Claus walked through the store ringing jingle bells. I rushed Mia over to a vantage point since we were dining on the balcony so could see them quite clearly. Mia started yelling, "I Love You SANTA, I Love You!" and "Hey, Santa you like Mia??" Several kids ran over to Santa giving him huge hugs. It was really sweet. We stood in line with Deb and her 5 kids for our turn on Santa's lap. Amelia found a cute little stuff reindeer on the trek over. She asked everyone near her in line if they wanted to pet her reindeer. Once on Santa's lap she asked him to pet her reindeer too, take a close look at the first picture. Then she told Santa that she wears dresses to church and he needed to come to nursery and give her candy canes. Poor guy was probably wondering what she was constantly muttering. She tried to give him a kiss but he settled on a hand shake and another heartfelt "I Love You." An elf took a funny picture of Amelia staring at the ceiling with her mouth stuffed full with candy cane. I need to scan it for your amusement.

After naps I put on my happy face to wake up Amelia 45 minutes early. I wanted her to get excited about going to see Princess and the Frog with Ella. The exuberance worked until we tried to take pictures in the cold. Ella wore a cute tutu and fairy wings. Had I read my email beforehand Mia would've worn one too. This was our first Princess movie in the theater. During the first five minutes of the movie Tiara screams when she sees a frog on her window sill. Both girls screamed right after much to our delight. Ella was set on having a lollipop so tried to escape several times. Mia sat in her booster seat munching on peppermint patties. After the movie she said she LOVED the movies and wanted to see it again. There were a couple scary parts where she plopped her head down on my shoulder. Justin and Phillip endured the girly factor with grace, even though they did not need to come!

Right after the movie we walked outside to see a Christmas parade going by. Santa came to Sidney in a helicopter this year. We drove to the fairgrounds for Sidney's Winterfest. The city provided free soup, crackers, cinnamon rolls, drink, and cookies for dinner. A different Santa was set up to visit with the children so Mia got to sit on a Santa's lap twice. Phillip even joined the fun the second time! I enjoyed roaming the craft fair portion eventually settling on a new Salt City Candle in my favorite scent of "Welcome Home." Mia colored a little snowman ornament before we headed home. As you can see in the last picture, Phillip has started to gnaw on anything close to his mouth. He is pretty coordinated when it comes to getting objects into his mouth. Phillip is also laughing a little now. He laughs when I take off his onesie or shirt...that must tickle! Justin was able to hear in laugh last night for the first time. His laugh is better than any Christmas present.

Justin surprised me by cleaning the kitchen and starting the laundry all by himself. I wonder what he did to my regular husband. I finished crocheting another cute hat for Phillip and accessorizing a matching pair of booties. We also got some proofs from our family pictures on Friday. You can view them at Jenny Reichman Photography. Jenny did an awesome job! I can't wait to take her family pictures, we swapped talents so the photo shoot was free, of money at least. I put a smartie on Phillip's head so it looks like Amelia is kissing his head. Gotta love that trick!