24 December 2008

O Holy Night

I am so grateful for the Christmas Story. I love our Savior. I am constantly astounded by his love for us to leave Heavenly Father's presence to provide a way back. I love the Fontaninni Creches. The emotion in the characters are imbued with passion and love, much like I feel. Each year we add a figurine to our set. This year we added the shepherd. When Christ was born the angels did not announce it to Kings or popular people, he chose to announce it to lowly shepherds who watched over their sheep. It was so fitting he is named the Lamb of God. Words of Sister Brinkerhoff often recur to me this time of year: when the wise men sought out Christ they returned home a different way. We too must find our Saviour and return or resume our lives a different way. Once we find HIM we cannot return to being the same person. Witnessing the lands where our Savior walked is becoming more precious. At the time the experience was a whirlwind of events. Pondering on what we actually saw makes this Christmas season more vivid because of the ability to set the story into a location. What a blessing! May we be like the shepherds, humble of heart and willing to find our Saviour so willingly.

Christmas Eve with the Lances

A salute to our Military soldiers! We love you Dad, John, Joe, and Jeff!!

Christmas Story

The Christmas Fairy

Trottin' Along

James and Miekka invited us to join them for a yummy ham dinner at their home. Marisse, Aaron, Hannah, Maggie, Sofie, Caleb, and Katrina were there, and Miek's two brothers joined in the fun. On our side Jana, Joe, and De-bo joined the party. James made a succulent ham (it was really good) and Miekka made all the fixings. She stayed up until 4 am making baklava and pecan sandies. Brave lady...or dumb. Amelia found a toy pony that she pranced about in neighing like a horse. We produced a little Christmas Story production. Lia as Baby Jesus and the rest of the kids playing shephards, wise men, Joseph, Mary, and the Angel(s). We stayed until after everyone left. The boys talked guns and I held Lia!

The nelves arrived and left Seth and Jacob jammies and candy! It was a burst of excitement! I wonder if the boys are asleep!! John called as we were leaving so stayed a couple minutes to say hello. Barely a block away Amelia started crying her pain cry...so we stopped and I performed a diaper change on the side of the icy road (still in the neighborhood) in 5 seconds flat. Once hooked up to Justin's iPod watching Sesame Street she calmed down. I am fast!!!

Christmas Eve!!! Horray

Finally Christmas Eve is here! All the presents are wrapped and the Nelves are rapping on our door. I think the best Christmas memory I have are the Nelves, aka elves. They are named, Semaj, Nhoj, Innej, Anaj, Hpesoj, and Yreffej. Santa is Enal and Mrs Claus is Eibbed. Around Christmas time the Nelves conduct regular reconnaissance missions to determine if the Lance clan is behaving. Rudolph repeatedly gets his rump kicked by Santa and the Nelves freeze while trying to scare little people like Seth and Jacob. Those Nelves are very sneaky. Every Christmas Eve Santa writes a letter to the Lance family. I've witnessed this letter writing with great laughter. Santa peers over his glasses looking like a gopher laughing over his own ingenious narrative. I can't wait to introduce Amelia to the Nelves. Maybe next year!

Today we spent the morning cleaning our home like folks on fire. Two real estate agents came to inspect our home and etc. I've not done much house work due to Christmas and too many photos to edit. It looks like Charity will be representing us as our Agent. She had to be cleared by the relocation company Cabela's uses. We signed paper work and hopefully we will get this house on the market by early next week. We drive out of SLC on Friday!! Can I just leave for a loud squeal? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We may rent a POD to store some of our belongings while our home is being shown and before the movers come to pack everything up. My studio will be in a box by next week! I hope to bring my crafting bins so there is something to amuse me while we are temporary housing for two months or more.

Christmas Cutie

Can I just say I LOVE, lOVe, LovE Amelia's little bum in this little skirt! I just want to spank her diapered bum and kiss her until she pleads UNCLE!!! We made an excursion to the Alpine Cabela's yesterday so Justin could fill out HR paperwork. While he papered away Amelia and I explored the store. This Cabela's is about three times larger than the one in Sidney. Amelia chattered like a fish in the aquarium tunnel. She absolutely loves the pishies. We sat in Santa's chair, looked a moose, rode a deer, and climbed a fake mountain. Justin and I tried on different snow boots but decided to wait until we actually get to Sidney before getting some. Justin really wants me to get a parka down to my ankles (tiny exaggeration). Mostly, I think he wants to get me a parka so he can get one too. The man has about 20 coats, parkas, wind breakers, water proof jackets, etc. All we need is another coat!

I braved Walmart with Amelia while Justin went to run some errands. I don't like going to Wally's with Amelia anymore. She only sits still if she is chewing on gum or candy, and then for only a couple minutes. Even the toy aisle doesn't distract her much. Good thing she is so cute.

Melissa invited us up to Ogden for dinner. Jonathon had the 3rd Pirates movie playing on their HUGE television and Blu-Ray player. I could see the actor's zits the screen was so clear. Melissa made yummy teriyaki chicken and broccoli. Charity and gang left early to attend Kenny's nephews baptism. We gave mom a ride back down to NSL after the party died down. Justin and I are enjoying listening to my newest geek book on CD: Pillage. It is pretty good! My eyes hurt from so much photo editing. No more photo shoots until after we are moved and settled.

Christmas Story

Monday afternoon Grandma Diana flew in from Washington DC for a Christmas visit. We spent the morning shopping at Target and DSW Shoes (for Justin not ME). The snow was pounding down but did not last very long. After Amelia's nap we headed to Charity's for the evening.

Justin showed Mom our pictures from Jordan while she nearly nodded off...from boredom or sleep deprivation I'm not sure. The munchkins all had dinner then we sent them to play. Grant and Amelia loved playing with the doll strollers. Grant figured out to push Amelia in one. They were super cute being so nice to each other.

Libby and Charity narrated the Christmas Story for FHE. Mason was baby Jesus, Reagan the angel, Amelia and Grant were shepherds, and Ethan was a sheep. In spite of all the ruckus the spirit was there to feel and appreciate!

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