24 December 2008

Christmas Eve!!! Horray

Finally Christmas Eve is here! All the presents are wrapped and the Nelves are rapping on our door. I think the best Christmas memory I have are the Nelves, aka elves. They are named, Semaj, Nhoj, Innej, Anaj, Hpesoj, and Yreffej. Santa is Enal and Mrs Claus is Eibbed. Around Christmas time the Nelves conduct regular reconnaissance missions to determine if the Lance clan is behaving. Rudolph repeatedly gets his rump kicked by Santa and the Nelves freeze while trying to scare little people like Seth and Jacob. Those Nelves are very sneaky. Every Christmas Eve Santa writes a letter to the Lance family. I've witnessed this letter writing with great laughter. Santa peers over his glasses looking like a gopher laughing over his own ingenious narrative. I can't wait to introduce Amelia to the Nelves. Maybe next year!

Today we spent the morning cleaning our home like folks on fire. Two real estate agents came to inspect our home and etc. I've not done much house work due to Christmas and too many photos to edit. It looks like Charity will be representing us as our Agent. She had to be cleared by the relocation company Cabela's uses. We signed paper work and hopefully we will get this house on the market by early next week. We drive out of SLC on Friday!! Can I just leave for a loud squeal? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We may rent a POD to store some of our belongings while our home is being shown and before the movers come to pack everything up. My studio will be in a box by next week! I hope to bring my crafting bins so there is something to amuse me while we are temporary housing for two months or more.

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