11 April 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

I must have my pregnant brain plugged in, wait, I do!!! The community hosted a fun Easter Egg Hunt this morning at 10 am. All week I looked forward to participating in it. For some reason this morning I thought the hunt was at 10:30. We showed up 5 minutes early only to find the place deserted. After 10 minutes we stopped someone who said it started at 10 and ended about 20 minutes later. Huge bummer. Justin laughed...I didn't. We drove home and picked up the eggs we colored yesterday and some Easter candy to hide around the park for Amelia. She did not really catch on to all the excitement. The sight of the slide and swings had more sway in her book. We tried to show her what to do but the prospect of plopping eggs into a basket was not appealing. It was freezing cold outside and really windy (huge surprise). Still I had to remove her coat for a picture (or 40) of her cute bunny outfit. I was bound and determined she'd wear it. I also put one of the hats on going to the craft sale because it was so chunky and cute. Ten minutes later we were back home.

Justin is helping the Webb's finish their basement this afternoon. The missionaries arrive on Wednesday! They are cutting it close. Amelia I took a short nap, like 30 minutes. Then we vacuumed the carpets and cleaned out my car. Cleaning the car was very amusing! I stretched it out as long as possible. Tomorrow I am planning on making mashed parsnips, buttered carrots, baked ham, and Challah bread. Yum, yum.