11 June 2010

Freakish Weather

Nebraska is having some really strange weather patterns lately. Monday we had a nasty storm, Tuesday was calmish, Wednesday afternoon tornado warnings were on high alert (it never did rain, the wind was even barely a breeze), Thursday night we had a nasty storm, to top it all off we had a doozy of a rain storm this evening. I covered my recovering garden four times this week! Amelia is not sleeping well at night due to the thunder and lightening. This evening we were nearly in a panic because the water was nearly lapping our front steps. I think nearly two inches of rain fell in about an hour! The rain is still coming down. Our recent weather is so freaky the TV show, Storm Chasers, showed up in our town. The vehicle pictured above is one of their tornado cars. You can see the American flag in the background whipping straight out! On a funny note, my hair is LOVING this humidity! It is very curly and shiny. Yesterday before the sun set, there was a strange yellowish glow around everything, with the oppressive humidity, I felt like we were in Kansas.

We are prepped to jump in the car around 3-4 am tomorrow to make an EARLY start to Utah. Hopefully, we can make it half way before the kiddos wake up. Our goal is to shave 1-2 hours off our previous trip time. Alison alerted me of a sale at the local consignment store on girl's shoes in Amelia's size. I bought EIGHT pairs of shoes for under $20 that should fit her for the next year. I am SOOO excited. Her favorite pair are the red sparkly ones, now fondly called the Snow White shoes. Phillip learned how to shake his head, NO. He is so adorable. I can't wait to get him and cousin Anson together tomorrow. Peace out.