12 February 2018

Hamster Wagon

Justin finally found a new commuter car! He is quite pleased with his new addition. It sort of looks like a storm trooper to me. He bit the proverbial bullet Wednesday night after work, but could not pick it up until Friday evening. His choice hits my funny bone because the car is a Kia Soul, so has a ridiculous music system. Yah know, just an average white male accountant with no natural rhythm buys a car so he can listen to all his favorite 80s music in style. Love it, so funny. I got to drive it Saturday, the bass is so awesome all the seats vibrate! Course, the kids are quite excited to try out the new car. Phillip christened the car by spilling chips on the back seat while sharing with Everett. I think they enjoyed vacuuming it out for once. Justin cleaned up ole Betty Blue in preparation for her new owner. She is going to a young man preparing for a mission, needs transportation to get to work! We are so happy to donate the car and help this young man along in life. Phillip cried when Justin left the ninja dog (a miniature figure) in the car's dash box. We told him is was a sort of talisman, if the dog figure leaves the car it might stop working. I told Jeffrey not to remove the Jesus fish off the back of my old car Scarlett, did his listen? No......it immediately broke down. Phillip got a new talisman for the Hamster Wagon, a metal figure of the Muppet's Animal. Ha ha ha ha.

This week was spent with the house looking like a cluster bomb went off. Each day I put more stuff away back in it's proper place from the garage. Focused on redecorating the spaces since I had to take it all down. Come Friday I was mighty tired of working so hard only to look around at all the stuff cluttered about. We had a major cleaning throw down, I worked on the kitchen and living room, the kids and Justin worked on the bedrooms and family room. We got the house looking much better in less than 3 hours. I must be a terrible house keeper, at least terribly unmotivated to repetitively pick up the same stuff knowing it will be right back in the same spot 10 minutes later.

The little girls and I bought a new dresser for Amelia on Tuesday. The lady who sold it to us reminded me of our friend Jen. Same style, same energy, and same attitude. Almost made me cry! The new dresser was a beast to get in the house and a monster to get up the stairs. Almost worse than the elliptical machine. Amelia loves the dresser, it is painted white with sky blue accent. The dresser has a special panel with a cupboard area to keep a little girl's treasures. Her room looks much better without all the clothes and special horde on the floor. Thursday I found a cute doll clothes wardrobe, it fits all her American Doll clothes and accessories. I painted her doll bed to match the wardrobe. The girl's room is finally coming along. Getting rid of her large 3-piece set was hard but ultimately makes for so much more room.

Thursday Scottie Karate at Slangin' Audio and Tint helped me choose a new van stereo and monitor. The installation time was quite a bit longer than the hour he quoted me on the phone. Luckily, I had snacks galore, water, and the double stroller. I called Melanie begging for a ride home. While she got ready we walked 3 miles to the freeway. Felt good to stretch my legs. Vita volunteered to help me fetch the van once it was ready. The little girl's faces tell all that needs to be told about the new TV, open-mouthed guppies!

  Friday was "wear you favorite college team's colors" day at Sonoma Ranch. All three kids decided to wear Sidney Red Raiders colors! Amelia said, "I know Sidney is not a college, but it's my favorite school." Everett threw in a BYU visor just to mix it up a bit.   

Jana sent over a lovely fruit bouquet as a thank you for help on her taxes. We loved the deliciously darling fruit. The kids ate all the strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and even some of the kale. They avoided all the melon! What a thoughtful thank you! Amelia wrote a note, "grab & go." Grab a fruit stick and go eat it. Evelyn went to her first birthday party for a friend on Saturday. Justin took Josie and Evelyn to the park for the event. I hear it went well, though Evelyn was a bit shy. She was so excited to choose a gift for him at the store. She did not ask for anything for herself, except to make a list of all the Barbie things Santa needs to bring her next Christmas. The kids are all amped up for Valentine's day in a few days. We got cards and treats this weekend for them to start working on.

The Chandler Calls came over for dinner this Sunday evening. We try to have dinner every 6 weeks or so it seems. We celebrated Josie's birthday with them. I made a Provencal-style chicken stew with tomatoes and capers. Josie jabbered excitedly over her wrapped gifts. She got a cute Minnie Mouse phone, bubble wand, a "nahal" plush tiger, ABC toy, bubbles, Shimmer and Shine Leah, and a ride-on toy. Lucky girl! Cake was a delicious strawberry jello poke cake. Yum. Josie can screech pretty darn loud, pierce your ear drums level if Evelyn sits on her new car.