27 January 2012

Everett is 8 Months Old

Oh. My. Goodness. We sure love this little bite of baby goodness. He is so deliciously yummy and perfect in every way. I wish babies had a pause button to extend that 6-9 month old period of time. I LOVE this age. Perfection. This month Everett really started responding to his siblings antics. He will bust out with a belly laugh over the silliest things. Yesterday he about busted a gut string laughing at Ella waggling a set of cheerleader pom-poms. Discovered today that he really likes spinach and potato baby food. He is easily entertained with a basket of interesting toys. I can set him on the ground with a basket and he will amuse himself for a good 20 minutes. He laughs, smiles, gurgles, and blows raspberries about 70% of the time. Justin and I don't really enjoy the baby food showers Everett gives us with his raspberries. I swear, he says "Hi." In the last two weeks he entered what I call "The Claw" stage. His pointer finger is always extended ready to hook something...mostly my bottom lip. His chick fluff hair is so amazing. He loves to bathe in the bath chair with Amelia or Phillip. Tuesday he discovered the wonderful action of splashing water in the bath. He went crazy spashing himself in the face for 15 entire minutes. It was almost like he could not do anything except splash.

**Alison let me use her new house to take some photos of Everett yesterday while we came over for a Mommy-Kid playdate. Love the teal wall!!!

***Little Buddy sprouted his first tooth today! It was not there yesterday! His first tooth is the bottom one on the left-hand side. Hooray! He produced a tooth the earliest between the three kids.