05 July 2011

Happy Fourth of July

We had a very relaxing holiday this year. We lounged around for the morning. Justin wanted to do some shopping at Cabela's so we packed up the kiddos and went to have an All-American lunch at McDonalds. I wanted a family photo in our patriotic clothes. Yeah, that was not a good idea. The kids would not cooperate. Oh well, the memories count, right?! Everett had his first visit to the Cabela's store. He liked it so much that he slept the whole time. We are finally the owners of two spiffy lounge chairs that Cabela's carries.

Outside was so hot and humid yesterday. Amelia played in the pool while the boys napped. Justin took lounging to a higher level in our new lounge chairs. Amelia helped Justin lounge. He reported that Amelia's conversations went like this: "daddy, I love your clothes, especially the ones you are wearing; daddy you are the best; daddy you are a good lounger, etc" Then she played baby coyotes. We had a lovely dinner of bbq chicken, calico beans, corn, and fruit salad all washed down with Cherry Limeade. Between the four of us we drank the entire gallon of limeade. Yum.

Justin was quite the firework master for us. He spent a good hour blasting things to oblivion. Phillip was right there with him. Amelia mostly sat with me snuggled in a blanket, Apple the reindeer, and ear plugs. Even with very close adult supervision Phillip managed to set his hair on fire and singe his new haircut. He now has a nice burn mark on his forehead. Right after burning himself he cried for two minutes then was back to playing with Justin. At 9:30 he came into the house with Everett and I. The little tyke pulled me into his room, handed me his jammies and blanket then plopped into a chair for books. He was asleep less than five minutes later. What an enjoyable day.

I am so proud to be an American. After spending most of my formative years as a close spectator to the goings on of military life my passion for America is strong. Then spending several culmative years outside the USA brought an extra measure of the blessings we enjoy here. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for this nation and our fortune. I am saddened by the current political and financial state of our country. Still the last days are upon us, I would be disturbed if things were not worsening! Let us look forward with faith and a spirit of loyalty to our God and the Consisitution this nation was established upon.