17 June 2012

Oldest Friend from Birth


I really wanted to take my kids to the zoo before we left Utah. Saturday was chosen as the perfect zoo day, so did half the population of SLC. It was crazy busy. One of the elephants celebrated a birthday so cake, crafts, and shows ran all day. We met Catherine, Jeff, Malisia, and Kate at the zoo. Catherine got three of us in for FREE. Schweet! Amelia was so excited to spend the day with her oldest friend from birth. (me cracking up). We got to see the new polar bear, seal, and otter homes. The polar bear tried to kiss Reagan through the glass while he was swimming under water. Phillip was entranced with the otter tank. He could see the otter under the water...and above the water. He bobbed his head up and under the water line for several minutes watching the otters. We caught a nice break in the giraffe house where it was cool. Jeff took the hot route back to his car to retrieve lunch for us all. Jeff found a perfect picnic spot near the elephant enclosure. I lost Phillip when we migrated over to the carousel. I found him near the picnic spot sitting in the lap of a bronze ape. How fitting. We were super hot by the time we left. Amelia stayed to play with Kate at the zoo and later at her home. 

Aunt Melissa called asking if we could come get her kiddos while en route for Charity's. It was not a good moment so I declined. Turns out Grant was up at Primary's with a nasty case of encellitis (sp?) from a bug bite. He spent the night there. The rest of us visited with Raquel, Emma, and Elijah who drove down from Logan for the day. The boys and I drove to West Valley to pick up Amelia. We stayed for a BBQ dinner with Catherine and Jeff. Thanks for the spur of the moment invite! I wish there was more time to just visit with no kids sometimes! Jeff grilled up a fantastic teriyaki burger. 

Liberty Park


Friday we needed a day to unwind. After only a little while at Charity's the kids were going bonkers. I took Mason, Reagan, Amelia, and Phillip to Liberty Park for free lunch. I absolutely LOVE Liberty Park. It is awesome, huge, and diverse. We ate lunch under the old oak trees monitored by grouchy lunch ladies. It was warm but a breeze made it feel cooler. The kids wanted to check out the play ground with the splash pad. We walked over but decided to just play and not get wet yet. After playing we were so sticky and warm that getting wet sounded amazing. Mason wanted to check out the Seven Canyons replication fountain. It is perfect for splashing and getting wet. Each of the canyons is represented, all the streams lead to the Salt Lake. It is a very fun place to play. Amelia stepped on a bumble bee. The bee was not so nice and stung her tender arch area. I smeared some mud on it to prevent the poison from spreading. A nice lady had some ointment that draws out the poison as well. Once she felt calmer and such we packed up. I miss Liberty Park. Amelia hobbled around for the rest of the evening on her heel. Reagan introduced the kids to Orbeez, a strange silicone ball that absorbs water and grows many times it's size. The orbeez feel like fish eyes. Gross. They enjoyed making Orbeez cupcakes and cookies. No one wanted to cook dinner so we opted for a Del Taco run. Yum. My friend Sarah brought her two kiddos over for some photos in fancy outfits for a cousins wedding. Yep! They were adorable. I found a "country road" north of Foxboro. The lighting was perfect, the clouds made a lovely soft box effect granting me perfect exposure. Can't beat that! 

Willard Bay


Willard Bay. I think of bugs, mosquitoes, and no beach. Boy was I wrong! We spent a couple hours Thursday playing in the sun and sand up at Willard. There were some bugs but only because we disturbed some grass for Melissa's family photos. Near the water the bugs were not around. I can't vouch for next week or next month! Everett loved sitting on the rocky beach in the water. He would scoot around searching for rocks, splashing, and kicking his little legs. I took him out of the water for lunch...he was not so happy about that! Phillip did not like the water. He is more of a 78 degree water boy. The cold water made him grouchy. Amelia and Phillip spent half the time on the beach whining about how cold they were. Mason was a virtual speck hanging out by the buoys. We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch in all the nice shade above the sandy beach. The area was well kept and really nice. Willard Bay is a good trade off for Bear Lake and the long drive. I treated the kids to MCD ice cream cones on the drive home. Boy those little buggers are tasty. Libby had a babysitting job so we headed home in the early afternoon. The kids and I went to Grandma Debbie's after dinner for baths and early bed.