12 April 2010

Agate Fossil Beds


Saturday we were mostly feeling better. Justin suggested we tour the Agate Fossil Beds about 2.5 hours north and west of Sidney. It was freezing cold on the ground with a warm wind gusting through, this caused some awesome fog on the drive. We toured the little museum dedicated to the fossils found in the area, the rancher who owned the property, and the local Indians. Jared helped Amelia check out some fossil samples viewed through magnifying glasses. We enjoyed a cold lunch out in the wind. Mom helped me bundle Phillip in the backpack and snuggle Mia into the stroller. We hiked 2.5 miles to the University and Carnegie hills. Jeremy and Jared had the best time playing rocket-ship-stroller with Amelia. She was utterly delighted with their antics. Phillip completely tuckered out during the hike. He cried most of the drive, probably due to ear pressure. My ears certainly had trouble equilibrating. Phillip tried to be a trunk monkey at the end of the hike, he mostly just looked cute!

We then drove to Scotts Bluff National Monument. Mom took a nap while we walked the shorter trail around the top of the bluffs. The atmosphere was so clear we could see Chimney Rock on the horizon! The kiddos enjoyed walking the rocky ridges and the spectacular views. Justin suggested Chinese for dinner so we drove into Scottsbluff city. Everyone humored me a short Target stop. I scored some cute shoes for Amelia's birthday. Poor Jeremy was so dehydrated that he lost his Chinese dinner mid-way through the meal. We all had some residual gastro-intestinal issues going on. I think more than half our meal went home with us in take-home boxes. We arrived home tired but glad for the outing.

Sunday was very relaxing. We had leftovers for dinner and a nice Sunday evening walk. Justin and I are both sick now. He has a flu and I have a nasty deep sinus infection. The roots of my teeth even hurt and my ears ache terribly.

Brothers Forever


 Here are the goof balls together. Just had to throw the last one in for kicks.

Jeremy, aka Ladies Man 217

This kid has some groovin' talent with the guitar. He was the instigator of this photoshoot. He wanted some rockin' pictures for his FaceBook account! LOL. Jeremy was gracious enough to let Amelia "crash" on him in a "Timber!"-like manner, let her thump his guitar, and play with little Phillip. He is one kool kat.


Handsome boy number one! Jared is one cool teenager. He was soooo excited about the Missile Silo. All the way home his imagination was in overdrive describing what he would do with the place. Jared is really talented at entertaining little kids. It took some muscle to wrangle a true smile out of him, but we managed (the third picture).

Missile Silo with the Lances


We had a wonderful and relaxing visit with my Mom, Jeremy, and Jared. They arrived around 5:30 last Monday evening after a long day of driving. Amelia was soooooo excited that she was parked by the front window practically all day. The weather was awesome with temps hovering around 80 degrees. We all had short sleeves on and spent the day outside. Justin suggested we smoke more pork chops for dinner so I manned the task and made three different dry rubs (BBQ, Mesquite, and Curry) to try out. Mmmm, mmmm good! Amelia recruited Jeremy and Jared into several tea parties, games of kick ball, and bubbles. They were very accommodating. She is totally loving her Punkles.

Tuesday was a cold, snowy day so we hunkered down for a day inside. Mom sewed Amelia's Aurora dress while I cut out her Ariel dress and two skirts. The boys played with the kiddos while we sewed away. Wednesday morning we had lunch at Cabela's with Justin then headed out to Kimball to tour the Missile Silo/home. Brother and Sister Zwonitzer gave us a spectacular tour of their home. It is HUGE! Mom especially loved the garden greenhouse in the missile blast bay. The boys loved the escape hatch where tourists can sign their names. Amelia was afraid of getting down for the first hour. She finally relented once Sister Z gave her some chocolates. I feel an even greater need to get our affairs in order after visiting the Zwonitzer's home.

Thursday all the Lances were sick, sick, sick with a stomach flu and sinus infection. We tried to stay out of the basement while the boys slept most of the day. I taught my piano students Tuesday and Thursday like usual. The Elder's came over for dinner. Mom was so awesome to make dinner even though she felt poorly.

Late Friday afternoon Jeremy, Jared, and I had a super fun photo session. Those boys are very funny. We stopped at a site a friend showed me. After a couple minutes of taking pictures the owner happened to stop by. He was on us like a bulldog after fresh meat. He thought we were vandalizing his property. After profuse apologies and explanation he calmed down enough to realize I am a professional photographer. I have his name and number for next time! Nothing like getting a stomach ulcer after being scared down like that. The boys pretty much let me do whatever. I enjoyed playing with my settings to create some fun silhouettes.

*Phillip learned how to clap all by himself this week
*Amelia got "all dolled up" when we went out on Wednesday (her words)
*Amelia is constantly keeping us entertained with her phrasing and mimicking.
*She loves to play the digital piano. It gets about two hours of usage per day!
*Mom fed Phillip some table food blended in the blender. He was grunting with satisfaction.
*This afternoon Phillip said "Dad-da-da-da" as I laid him down for a nap!!! Way to go little guy!!