09 September 2008

Goose Egg

The Goose EggFrontal View of Said Goose Egg
Christmas Tree Shirt

Amelia bonked her head pretty hard this evening. She was reading books in cousin Libby's lap next to the bookcase when she tried to pull out a book, lost her balance, and crashed into the wooden/metal side. You can really see how swollen it is from the side! She was a trooper and only cried for 10 minutes. As you can tell, by the time her bath rolled around she was rockin' out.

I had a Dr appointment this morning with a clinic that specializes in Bioidentical Hormones and Hormone Replacement Therapy. It could be another alternative to resolve my fatigue issues. Since Armour Thyriod is having a shortage crisis maybe this therapy will prove to be more reliable. The doctor I signed up to see is out of the office so I met with another lady. We met up with Miekka at McDonald's near St Marks Hospital. Both Seth and Amelia were born there! I always think of the Major Payne movie because we watched it right before I went into hard labor. LOL.

Amelia had an extra dose of Elmo this afternoon because she decided napping was overrated. I worked on a cute Christmas shirt for her. We made a trip to Walmart for milk and other sundry items. Charity and kids came over for a minute to play and eat Del Taco. Not, Charity drove out here to show the townhouse next door to new potential renters, they stood her up. Jana came over this evening so she could identify the muscles in my trunk area. Her poking and prodding felt more like a massage. She can study on me anytime!!! Jana is in school learning to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. I enjoyed the company.