16 December 2009


1. I am a parking fairy, meaning 90% of the time I luck out on awesome parking spots
2. I love to be busy and often make work for myself just to feel satisfied once everything is done
3. My favorite movies are dumb action and Martial Art type flicks
4. I SUPER LOVE to clean to number one, R&B music (my current favorite is Jay-z's Ghetto Anthem and Hova Song) and John Denver...cringe?! I like to shake what my momma gave me...
5. I go through cameras like water, my current rate is about 1 per year.
6. The best thing in the world are snuggles from Justin and then from my kids in their fuzzy jammies
7. When I was eight my mom gave me a boy haircut because I refused to let her brush my hair or brush it myself. That was the best hair cut ever
8. I graduated high school at age 15 then started attending the local junior college
9. In general I hate parties and games. I tend to get lost in all the goings on and melt into the walls. One on one I am pretty good but groups of two or more make me nervous
10. I love to stand up in front of crowds and perform...strange huh?!