04 August 2013

Cheyenne Co Fair


I am happy to report that Phillip is finally making some (SOME) progress with potty training. Not sure I ever want to relive the past 17 days putting Phillip on the potty 12-15 times per day. Yet, here we go again with Everett. He gets the royal treatment starting Tuesday. I did not want to start tomorrow...it's my birthday. Need to have a more relaxed day. We watched Cyd and Ro all day Wednesday. I think that day was the turning point. Phillip had to show the twins how big he was. He had no accidents and went by himself, a huge development. I also discovered that losing his iPad time was a huge motivator. He has to watch Amelia or Everett taking turns but never getting one himself. It drove him nuts. He is going pee in the potty 95% of the time and wakes up dry 80% of the time. Poop was the big issue the past couple days. The iPad trick seems to work with a cold shower to reinforce poop accidents. Patience and love is the name of the game.

We watched 17 Miracles for FHE. It was an amazing film. Magaretta Call was in the Martin/Willey company. We recently visited her grave site with the kids. We all had tears in our eyes during the movie. It was a good reminder that life is pretty amazing. With all our potty training experiences the movie lent me some perspective that, "it is all worth it!"

Monday Amelia got a cute new haircut. I got tired of trying to brush and fix her hair with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth she dishes out. At first she was really hesitant to cut her hair but the more I talked about it the more she listened. Eventually she asked for the haircut. I think it looks adorable. Still long enough for simple hairdressing, but short enough to look cute unfixed. Everett and Phillip sat like champions waiting for Amelia to get her hair done. We spent a couple hours at the park afterwards riding bikes and enjoying the swings. Everett's new word is "Zoom!" He yells it, runs a couple paces, then stops, and repeat. Too cute. The kids are really starting to play with each other, not just play around each other. Brings me many smiles to listen to their games. The game of the month is playing doggy or kitty. They love to drag their pillows, animals, and blankets out and lie in the living room. The bunk bed is another fun play station lately. They play house all the time. Everett finally fell out of the top bunk. He is a little more careful now. The boys got roped into slave labor shucking corn for me. Slave labor at its best.

Thursday we enjoyed a nice morning thunderstorm. The thunder woke us all up with shaking windows. It was awesome. Once the storm passed the kids went puddle jumping before breakfast. It was awesome! I loved the lighting in the morning versus the usual evening storms we get. We visited the fair grounds after the rain dried up a bit. The kids wanted a picnic at the fair, an annual affair. After the picnic we watched the 4-H sheep judging. I think the bunny house is a yearly favorite. The kids got to pet a white bunny with pink eyes. Everett loved the goats! I always enjoy seeing the chickens and ducks. I love their fancy feathers and colors. Phillip was not impressed with the pigs. He commented on how stinky they are. Yep! Gross (yet tasty) animals. The new Elder's came over for dinner. I made Carolina pulled pork with vinegar sauce, coleslaw, green beans, chips, and juice. Justin really likes when the missionaries come over...I really cook! LOL. While the Elders were over Phillip decided to show them his new undies. He layered 5 pairs on his head and three over his shorts. Silly boy. Everett and Amelia cashed in on the fun too.

Friday evening we went to the fair for dinner and rides. The kids settled on corn dogs, Justin a burrito, and me a healthy order of chili fries. Yum. The kids showed Justin all the animals. Oh man! The fair rides are an annual perk. Amelia chose the Ferris Wheel first. Poor Everett was only tall enough to ride 3 rides. He clutched his tickets and waited while the other two rode the rides. He is obsessed with tickets. Give him a piece of paper, call it a ticket, and he thinks life is amazing. He got to ride the slide with Justin. The kids played a sure-to-win fair game ($5 per kid, cringe) and won new stuffed animals. Amelia chose a pink bear, named Rosy Posey and Phillip a red dino, named T-rex. Everett showed off his sumo wrestler moves before we left. He got several giggles from fair goers.