14 February 2009

Amelia's Prayer

Here is a short video of Amelia saying her prayers over last night's dinner. She says, "hebenly fader, day, fude, dub-e-day is bless, Jesus, etc." Wow it is so rewarding to have her finally say a prayer after 21 months of practice!! So cute. I love how she scrunches up her face!! Click here to view the video.

Happy V-Day

Yesterday Amelia and trekked out into the snow to deliver Justin a little Valentine's Day gift. Amelia loves to visit Justin's office. She sits in his chair and starts barking out commands, like "Candy!" Amelia chose a fun balloon for Justin at Walmart. I put together a little treat tin full of chocolate and printed out some pics I took of Amelia two weeks ago. It seems Justin gets photos from me at most every holiday. Before he leaves Cabela's there won't be a spare inch of space on his office walls!! We had a little lunch date at the Pizza Hut buffet. Amelia enjoyed eating peas, cheese, and small bites of pizza. It was a nice way to break up the afternoon!!

Justin brought home a fun bouquet of flowers for me. I love the large yellow mum! It brings a splash of color into our livingroom. I love this picture of the flowers in our window sill...can you tell we have a couple inches of snow outside?? This morning we got another dusting of snow!! I think we are planning on seeing a couple houses this morning then vegging in our jammies the rest of the day. Too bad we don't have a DVD player...I feel like watching a movie from Red Box.