21 February 2010

Ickies and yuckies

We have a household of sickies! Amelia was the first one to get sick with a nasty cough and cold. Phillip contracted the runny nose which caused his eye to weep and get infected. Yesterday I contracted strepp throat, an ear infection, and a high fever of 103. We are so glad that Justin got home in time to take care of us all. Ironically, I was at the hospital with Phillip Saturday morning to get him some eye drops. At the time I felt a little weak in the knees but nothing too severe. Just an hour later I was in bed with the fever and sore throat!

Justin arrived back home from Winnepeg late Friday evening. He was loaded with gifts for us all! He gave me an authentic tuque from the Olympics and a red water bottle. Amelia was so happy daddy brought her a moose. Phillip got a cute little wolf. Both kids also got a cool water bottle. Amelia was so excited that Justin was home she stayed up to snuggle him.

Phillip loves to play peek-a-boo now. He will grab any close blanket and pull it over his eyes then laugh until I take the blanket away. Yesterday he also started to blow raspberries! Amelia was quite distressed over my sickness. At one point in time I woke up surrounded with scissors, unraveled thread, and crochet hooks. She wanted me to have fun with my "toys." I included some pictures of our play date with Ella and Parker. You can see they totally enjoyed playing with the rice.

Sidney received a ton of snow this weekend. I think this was the first snow storm without wind we've experienced. It was nice to enjoy the quiet snow drifting down. We probably received about 12 inches of snow this week. Amelia loves to use Daddy's blue snow shovel and help clear the walks.

Computer update: I backed up all our files on our external drive and then had Justin wipe the computer clean. Now we can't access the files on the external drive. I hope that it did not get corrupted. That would be super bad!

Here are recent videos:

Ella and Mia talk on the phone
Mia and Ella give hugs
Phillip plays ball
Amelia copies mom
Phillip in jumperoo
Amelia being silly
Phillip laughs at a toy
Amelia being a baby
5 months old
Amelia's paintings
Phillip on tummy
Mia plays piano
Phillip's toes
Phillip says bo-bo-bo
Amelia makes bread