25 August 2016

Phillip is Seven

Oh. This. Boy. He is amazing at all levels. He is loud. He is funny. He is the master of the blaster. He is kind. He is crazy. He can make you laugh, cry, tear out your hair, and tickle him all at the same time. Can you spot that gleam in those brown eyes? That gleam is pure joy.

He started 1st Grade on the 17th of August. After a summer of just a spot of reading here and there this mommy was worried about his retention. Seems like he bouncing back quickly as his teachers do their amazing jobs. He hates homework. Hates it. I hate bugging him to get it done, oh the complaining over 1-2 worksheet pages. The worst for us are spelling homework and anything with repetitive writing. His favorite subjects are lunch and recess.

At age 7 his favorite toys are Lego Mixels, Legos in general, Transformers, DinoTrux, Superheroes, and Imaginext toys. He loves watching YouTube Kids videos on toy reviews and various cartoons. During the school year he only gets to watch the iPad on Saturday or special occasions.

His testimony is growing. At times it is hard to tell if he is listening since this boy is a wiggle worm. Then he will say the sweetest prayer, give a great FHE lesson, or respond to a spiritual question with the correct answers.

His famous eyebrow moves are still famous. He will waggle them at you to get out of trouble. Phillip is a classic stinky, smelly boy. He can burp on command, fart on command, and has terrible stinky feet. His farts will make your eyes water. Phillip is a constant cloud of bodily noises both manufactured and the real deal. He loves to make up silly words like: bye, burp pig; smell your feet later; smash doodles, etc.

He is so kind-hearted. He loves his little sisters. I will find him changing Josie's diapers without asking. He is the only kid who will go pick up Josie when she cries and entertain her. He and Evelyn are quite the kindred spirits. Must be a Leo thing! They think alike so get along quite well. He gives the best hugs and the slimiest kisses ever. This kid is a tank, solid with feet and hands that are short and round.

At his well child visit he weighed 57.4 pounds, 77.4%; height was 47.5 inches, 40.8%. Short and solid! He weighs more than Amelia and they wear almost the same size shoe. This past year he lost 4 teeth, the middle bottom first, the top right at the beginning of summer, and top left just a couple weeks ago. He is trying very hard to train himself out of nighttime pullups. Most of the time he does very well going to the potty at night. Seems like he's stayed dry at night for the past 10 days. Excellent work. When he does have an accident he knows how to strip his top bunk bed and stuff the sheets in the washer. He is skilled at emptying the dishwasher. He hates to help clean up. It is about as bad as homework. Sometimes it comes to throwing away his favorite toys to get this boy to move. He is stubborn as a mule. Love this kid of ours. Happy Birthday.