14 April 2009

We're Nearly Off!!

Our Easter Dinner! Yum, yum

Amelia's cheesy grin, playing in our little ball pit

Electro-static hair

Amelia and I will be off for our Utah trip in less than 12 hours. My plan is to leave between 3-4 am and try to stuff as many hours of travel in while Amelia is sleeping. We will see how tired I am and what actually happens! The weather is so nice right now...a balmy 65 degrees with only a light wind of 15-20 mph. Amelia is loving all the outside time. I have a couple updates on Amelia:

*her favorite shape is an....OCTAGON. One day we were out walking and she shouts, "MOM isa OCTAGON!" I about dropped my teeth. Not sure where she learned octagon!!
*she thinks she is "pretty as a pizza." Her toy camera says "You're a pretty as a princess" when the button is depressed, she has her own interpretation!
*three nights ago I put her to bed. She wanted some chacholit milk...I gave her some chocolate milk. For some reason she didn't finish but forgot about the milk....until it was after midnight. I walk into her room finally understanding the screams for "chacholit" over and over. I made her some milk and 30 seconds and two sips later she was out like a light. She must've had a chocolate dream! What a funny kid.
*running around in her mousie shoes! Watch video here!

*her new favorite song is "Step in Time" by Mary Poppins. We watched it on the TV and she was absolutely delighted. Watch the video here for further entertainment!!!