13 May 2013

Best Mother's Day (Week) Ever

    Romain and Cydahlee spent Monday and Tuesday at our home. Phillip was over the top excited to play with his best friends. Monday we hung out at home for a while and played outside. I dropped off paperwork and immunization records at the Learning Corner to reserve Phillip's spot for preschool. We are so lucky that a spot opened up! I hear that two out of four local preschools are closing this year or next year. Makes it very competitive to get your child enrolled. We played at the park for a while then went home. Cyd was pretty tired so convinced Ro to take a nap. I miss Phillip's napping days!

Tuesday Justin worked on the sprinkler system, a frustrating yearly event. Mia and Everett had a blast playing in the mud. Phillip came in looking like a mud monster complete with boogers attached to his eyebrows. I started the huge task of sorting baby clothes. Everett helped me empty bins and make piles. I sorted clothes until Thursday! Our living room was a big mess. By Friday I sold half the extra clothes and freed up 4 bins! That felt awesome. 

Thursday night I started prepping the counter tops by cleaning and clearing off the counters. Friday morning a plumber came by and removed the sink. I am glad he came because the pipes and shut off valves were rusted and would not shut off. Soon after he left I had the kitchen taped and covered in plastic. We met Justin for lunch since all the drawers and cabinets were taped off. We went to the park for a while. Then dropped Phillip off to play with Ro and Cyd. I put Everett down for a nap and we started painting. We finished scrubbing the counters with a diamond-embedded sander, painted the counters, and spread colored chips over the paint in less than an hour. The difference was immediate and amazing! We went out to dinner then back to the park until bedtime. It took some doing to convince the kids that the counters were off limits. The next morning we vacuumed the loose chips up only to find that the paint was not thick enough to cover the black counters. We sanded the chips down and applied a second coat of paint and chips. That set us back at least 6 hours. I am GLAD we bought 2 kits. The second was for the bathroom counters. Guess that will not happen now! While the paint and chips dried and bonded we drove to Sterling. Home Depot had a fun kid's fair for Mother's Day. The kids enjoyed visiting an ambulance, fire truck, and police car. Then we helped Amelia make a heart basket and Phillip and tool box with easy, cute kits. I loved that the kids also got a fun apron with their names. We went to Home Depot and the Walmart for a moment. The kids got to play at their favorite park then we went home. Once home Justin and I got busy sanding the second coat of chips and paint down to a smooth finish. Justin finally busted out the sander and smoothed the counters down in no time. The house is a dust bin now but the counters are smooth! After the kids went to bed we applied the protective coat so it could dry overnight. The entire project was finished in a weekend. It looks awesome!

Mother's day was perfect. New counters. Cute cards and a marigold plant from Amelia! Justin got me a new candle and a replacement-replacement wedding ring. I love watching Amelia and Phillip sing. Phillip found a place on the stool up front. He was quite visible! He beamed as he passed out waves and thumbs-up signs. My favorite part was when he sang "I Love You" with monkey lips. Amelia had her hand on his arm the entire time in effort to contain him. Crack me up. After lunch and naps I let the kids run through the sprinkler. Hard to believe it was snowing a short while back. Justin grilled up some chicken for dinner. A nice Sunday walk finished our fun day. 

PS: I finally found my keys! They disappeared about 2 weeks ago. I was looking for an information pamphlet Justin was reading around the couch area. I pulled the cushions out and noticed a plastic Easter egg. At this point Phillip starts jumping up and down shouting, "Mom! You find it, good job, Mom!" My keys were stuffed in the egg under the couch cushion. That gave me a good laugh for the day.