06 August 2017

Josie is 18 Months Old

Well, this sweet girl is finally 18 months old. She finally decided to walk around 17 months old. We love watching her toddle around with her index finger pointing here and there. She weighs about 19.5 lbs and measures about 29.5 inches long. She can say several words: mama, dada, hiiiiii Dad, no, Mia, bye, num num, wa wa, elmo, diaper. I times she mimics our sounds so closely I swear we hear full sentences. She loves to make animal sounds: sniffs for bunny, monkey, cat, dog, spits for fish, duck, and bird. She popped out four-six  teeth since her 12 mth check up. She nurses twice a day for now. Is somewhat of a picky eater: loves lunch meat, cheese, fruit packets, cereal snacks, mac n-cheese, pasta, bread, and such. She is not a fan of anything hard like apples, carrots, most fruits and veggies or chewy meats. Her newest skill is dancing! I adore the soggy diaper knee bouncing moves at her age. With Justin gone she developed a taste for video calling her daddy. Josie adores books of all kinds. She is starting to play with Evelyn and pretend play with the kitchen and baby dolls/stroller.

This kid has a ready smile. She is stuck to her mom like glue. Nursery is not so fun at this time. She went the first week ok. The second week she took one look at the nursery leaders and cried her eyes out. We are in for a longer transition! Her siblings adore her. Amelia calls her BFF. Phillip loves to carry her around, thought Josie is not so fond of that. I melt when she wraps her skinny arms around my neck. She is one snuggle bug.