22 August 2008

Photography Frustrations

Wednesday and Thursday were quite exasperating days for me. I am honing my talents for photography as a business and a hobby. As I explained to Justin, I feel like an acountant who only has a calculator and knows about Excel and REALLY wants it. The Excel program would give him the results he seeks and the shortcuts that would make his job a little easier.

I am making do (quite well) with the best equipement I can afford. My camera is a starter DSLR, the lens are so-so, my lights irritating at best, my backdrop a creation of brillance. The vision in my head of portraits I want to create seem so impossible with the skills I possess. So where to start?

While proofing some photos with a client I noticed gray spots all over the black and white portraits. The pictures printed out with the same blotches. I can deal with equipement mediocrity because the results are awesome, but to give out a mediocre product...NO STINKIN' WAY. I talked with Uncle Scott for an hour about my issue. I decided to exhaust my entire "new Canon 5d" savings to upgrade my monitor and invest in a hot-shoe flash unit. My new monitor kicks-a. The resolution and contrast bring out the details my old monitor failed to show me. Now at least I can still produce print worthy images.

The flash is a sore subject with me. Flashes are custom-made for the camera brand. Why invest in a new flash when some day I will be switching from a Sony to a Canon outfit? Chaps my stinkin' hide. I needed the dang piece of EXPENSIVE flash for a wedding and outdoor photo shoots scheduled for the next couple weeks. It will be very handy.

My dream kit will take two-three years to save for. Oh, how sweet the day when I will have the right stuff. In the meantime I plan on taking as many photography classes as I can and keep on learning. One day, one step at a time. Isn't that the way of self-improvement? James referred me to an article that helped me regain perspective: Click here

Cutest "Dee-Doo" on the Block

Our Amelia has the cutest belly button (i.e. dee-doo) ever. She has an outie! Her tummy is covered with Cherry Limeade and Orange Fanta from our pizza picnic. Who else has the urge to kiss those chubby cheeks and cute lippies? ME!!!!!

Townhome rennovation

Our neighbors moved out last Saturday morning. In their wake they left behind a stinky mess. Bruce and Diana now own the townhouse that Charity and Ken used to own and rent it out. Our first experience with renters was not very pleasant. They had two dogs and a smoking sub-tenant, horrible housekeeping skills, and a love of burning incense. The dogs ruined the carpet since the renters let them pee and poo ALL over the carpet and were not consistent about cleaning it up. The carpet was sick-o yucky. Today we ripped out the rest of the carpet, pulled out the tacks, stripped wall paper, and prepped for paint. Kenny got to use the cool paint sprayer. He even showed off his white nostril hairs!!! How cool is that? We had a long, but satisfyingly hard working day.

Huge-mongous tomato

This year my tomatoes are thriving! Last year I only picked about 10 tomatoes total due to an airborne bacteria that destroyed my tomatoes. Every day I pick 1-3 fresh tomatoes for lunch, snack, or dinner. Amelia seems to enjoy a bite or two! I started making up my own tomato salad recipes. Last night I made one with a balsamic mayo dressing. It was good.

I've been watching one tomato in particular grow into a very large tomato. I had to share my lucky tomato!!! Yummy to the tummy!