15 February 2011

Heart Day

Monday was totally exciting! Amelia scored some awesome Valentine's from her friends at preschool. She wore her heart purse around stuffed with Valentine cards. We got up and started making cupcakes to take over to "Daddy's work ladies." This year I made white chocolate cupcakes with fresh strawberry frosting. I am glad we took them all to Justin's work!!! Phillip and I picked up two special balloons for Justin, got Amelia from preschool, and headed to Cabela's. Phillip chose a huge bee balloon. I think it was bigger than he is tall. At the office the kids gave the ladies a fun show, handed out cupcakes, and even danced a little. Phillip wrassled the bee balloon with boyish gusto. We had some lunch at the Pizza Hut buffet, a traditional outing.

The kids and I went home and all took a nap/rest. Lately, I am just exhausted! I cat nap all the time, it is almost embarrassing. Justin was able to come home early-ish from work for a super fancy dinner. I made the potatoes, asparagus, and red raspberry crostata. Justin grilled up the steak and toppings. While we ate dinner everyone explained what they loved about our family members. It was a little silly but super fun. I think this was the first Valentine's Day I really enjoyed. Sharing the love with my husband, daughter, and son made the day special. Amelia's exuberance made up the other part.

***note to self: don't take an adventurous boy into the local furniture store without some serious backup or super strong stroller and seatbelt. Phillip has about finished off our tottering dining room chairs. We are looking for some seriously sturdy chairs. I nearly bought a breakfast nook and bench hoping the kid would not drag the table everywhere.