08 March 2012

Pee-pee, ware aur you????

The weather is turning a bit. Time for potty training. Phillip chose a new potty seat on Tuesday. The checker at Walmart said that she alone sold about 6 of them in the past two days. Guess I am not the only mom taking advantage of the warmer days. He chose Mater pull ups to wear at naps and such. I found three dragon toys at the kid's consignment store on Saturday. They are totally awesome with cool sound and movement effects. He's worn underpants every morning and evening since Tuesday. Still no pee-pee or poop in the potty. He does get rather distressed to get poor Mater all dirty. I offer him lots of beverages in hopes of catching him in dire need of the potty. Every time he pees about 5 minutes after sitting on the pot for 10-15 minutes. We play fun games, read stories, and play with toys while waiting. My ultimate favorite is when he first sits down he talks to his pee-pee in a high voice: "pee-pee, ware aur you?" I am waiting for him to respond "Su-pize!!" when he first puts some pee into the potty. His chonky little dogs cracked me up yesterday as they barely cleared the seat, all chubby and toes turned in.




Amelia has two new friends: Fake-lene and Fa-lene. Not sure where those two characters came from. Fake-lene is a boy. We had to adopt him because boys who are not family cannot go in her room. Fake-lene is a messy boy who leaves Amelia's room a mess. She cannot tell me what Fake-lene looks like or what his favorite color is because he is invisible. He used to live at Reagan's house in Utah but it burned down so now he is here. Fa-lene is not so interesting. Mostly she lives under Amelia's bed to scare away the tiny monsters that live behind and under all the stuff under her bed. 

All day Amelia pretended to be either Orphan Annie or Ms Hannigan. Everett was baby Daddy Warbucks and Justin was the real Daddy Warbucks. Phillip was Mr Bundles or Sandy. I had to threaten her with hot mush for dinner if she did not clean the bathroom. Apparently, cold mush is the meal of choice. We sang snippets of Annie songs all day. It was so much fun! I wanted to be Mr Bundles but Amelia told me I was too cute for that role. We love you Ms Hannigan!!! She's only watched the movie twice over the past 6 months. 
She had a two fun play dates with Lily this week. The girls had a blast with the ice cream play dough, dress ups, and in the play house. I love to hear my girl use that vivid imagination as she plays.

Justin asked her if she would like camping this coming summer. She replied with a fear of lions and tigers that might bite her. Then he asked if she wanted to swim in a lake, to which she conveyed a fear of being eaten by alligators and crocodiles. Uh, Mia, we live in Nebraska!