09 August 2010

A Most Excellent Adventure

My most recent crocheted hats...plus more that never got photographed.. :(
Justin decided to take Friday off. We enjoyed a fun day with Daddy home. Some of the ladies in our ward got together for lunch at Oya grill. It was so nice to go without the kids! After lunch we cleaned the rest of the church with the kids. Every couple months we get to clean the church with the Betts family. They had to leave Friday for a vacation so cleaned more than their share the evening before. Pretty much we only had to dust, clean the glass doors, the cultural hall, and RS room. Amelia cleaned the water fountains and Phillip helped me clean the glass multiple times. Right after we returned home from cleaned we packed overnight bags for everyone and headed to Cheyenne.

Justin treated us all to a fun over-night stay at the Sleep Inn. Amelia kept saying, "Of course, we are going to sleep inn a hotel." There was a motorcycle event so practically every hotel was booked. The Sleep Inn was a couple miles east of the city. Justin humored me a browsing trip to Hobby Lobby. It was fun just to look and touch fabric again. I found a neat fiber platter to use as a baby photography prop. Next on our list was my birthday dinner. Our choices were a little limited to Olive Garden or Red Lobster. Justin noticed a small Japanese restaurant next to Red Lobster advertising sushi. We were a little scared/skeptical about sushi in Cheyenne, but decided to try it out and hope against food poisoning. Oh my goodness...I was in sushi heaven. Every year we have sushi on my birthday, except for last year. I was sooooooooo excited we found a place closer then Denver. The kids were not so taken with the meal, even the rice was weird to them.

We ran across the street to browse Target for a new car seat. Yep, it is time to get a new car seat for Amelia and let Phillip sit forward facing. Target did not have any in our price range. We went to the hotel, checked in, and went for an evening swim. Phillip was so funny in Amelia's old bodysuit floatie thing. His legs never stopped kicking. Amelia enjoyed swimming between the hot tub and cool pool. Justin and I just enjoyed our silly kids. We soon had the kids asleep (thanks to Benedryl for Phillip). Little stinker Phillip was awake between 3 am and 5:30 am. He made it hard to be upset by babbling "uh-ohhh" every couple seconds while poking my eyes, nose, lips, and mouth. I think he just wanted to make sure we were still around. He finally fell asleep with his head in Justin's back and his toes in my back. At 6:20 Amelia screamed, "Mommy, Daddy, I woke up the sun...let's go get breakfast and swim."

Justin showed up at the ham radio licencing office at 9 am to take the certification tests. He passed both! Once his licence comes in the mail he will have earned his nerdy certificate. I am just waiting for ham radio equipment to show up on the doorstep. We made the whole trip to Cheyenne for Justin to take the test, we enjoyed the other benefits while in town! The kids and I went swimming then helped Phillip take a 20 minute nap.

I purchased most of the kid's winter wardrobe at Once Upon A Child consignment store. I burned myself out with too much sewing earlier this year. I am only making a couple outfits per child. All that cuteness is sort of wasted because we rarely go out in public. Three outfits should be enough to cover Walmart trips, library visits, and special events. I am equally nerdy! The total was only $118 for 4-5 outfits per kid, plus 4 outfits in a different size for Phillip. Yah! We found a booster car seat with internal straps for Amelia. It should accommodate her until she is 8. We were back home by 2:30, just in time to do all the laundry and enjoy some home time.

Phillip can now crawl up the basement stairs. He says "thank you" when HE wants to. Phillip also has a strange rash under his left eye. I've tried eye drops, cream, and bag balm. Poor kid has no luck with eye infections. He is my cuddly little boy. Saturday I nearly started to cry because my little boy is almost one. He is the cutest, snuggliest, happiest baby ever. I want to pause him for a couple more years and just enjoy. Geeze, I am tearing up now just thinking about him growing up. Amelia gets better and better the older she gets.

In nursery Amelia pretended a red dragon and blue monster were scaring her. She scared them right back with silly faces. Those monsters had no choice but leave, her faces were so silly. We had the Greg and Maleia Titus, and Matt Haley, over for dinner...again. Their kids (wife) are gone, it's no fun eating alone! We had some fun conversations and wicked hilarious moments. Due to Greg, we are going to see "The Other Guys" tomorrow evening. Apparently, it is really funny. We will all miss the Titus family. They are moving within the month to Oregon.

This afternoon we went swimming with Bryn and Lily. Little Emma Campos was there with her mommy too, she did not enjoy the cold water. We, mommies, enjoyed the grown up time. This week is full of two fun picnics, visiting teaching, a potential photo shoot, a new bishopric on Sunday, and getting ready for out Utah vacation.