05 June 2011

The Cavalry Arrived


Mom, Jeremy, and Jared arrived yesterday evening. Phew! I felt like the cavalry got here just in the nick of time. Moments before they arrived chaos reigned in the kitchen as we tried to get dinner ready. Suicide Hour has a fitting ring to dinner preparation hour. The day felt long as we waited for them to get here...even longer for them as they drove through Wyoming. I made a Walmart trip, my first in two weeks. Justin helped me make a scrumptious dinner of BBQ chicken cobb salad. Amelia and Phillip immediately gave hugs, knuckles, and loves to our new arrivals. Both kids latched on to a punkle within moments! So cute. We enjoyed the evening catching up and telling stories about the recent goings on.

I spent a very relaxing morning helping get the kids ready for church then three delicious hours alone with Everett. I snagged a nap, cleaned the kitchen, made cookies, and got dinner under way. I listened to the Sunday Afternoon Session of April conference. So many of the talks spoke to me while I relaxed. Amelia really wanted to make a craft with me so we made egg carton goggles with the punkles. Jeremy entertained us with a simulation of Rafiki and Simba from the Lion King. I guess that means Jeremy has a red monkey butt. Justin grilled up some teriyaki ribs and chicken, pineapple, and peppers to go with some rice. We love grilling during this time of year since it keeps the house nice and cool. The mosquitoes and stale air made an after dinner walk quite stuffy. Everett is starting to stay awake for longer than 5 minutes. He was awake for about 40 minutes three times today. His jaundice looks much better so that might be part of the reason. I love how curvy newborns are, the way he arches his back and sticks out his tush. Makes me crazy love that little kid.

Baby as Art

Been having some fun with Little Everett this week. He is sort of a stinker when it comes time to take photos. He hates being naked, even when the area is heated to 85 degrees. He has some of the cutest little expressions ever. Did you notice he even has a cute dimple? Actually two dimples! Melt me...I think he is a good mixture of Amelia and Phillip. He is a petitey cutie like Amelia yet still has features and expressions of Phillip.