08 May 2009

Jumping the Gun

So I finally bit the figurative bullet in a couple ways this week. First, I opened an Etsy shop. Phew...I've been avoiding it like the plague because mostly my goal is to get rid of my inventory and not make more. Most sales for shirts are custom made, with names etc. We will see how it all goes. Put the word out and shop, shop, shop! I still have a couple more items to list but only about 6-7. It takes a good chunk of time. Luckily, Amelia took a longer nap than usual yesterday allowing me more time to list stuff. Thanks to Jessica (my ultra cool cuz) for answering my questions. I was really excited to have my first sale only hours after my first listing! Now all I have to do is figure out the billing end of having a business. Alison came to my rescue this morning scoring a cute hat for pennies just to make sure my Paypal account was set up right. You go girl!!

Second, I filled up the pool in only 70 degree weather so Amelia could go "mimming." She saw a video of herself last year playing in her little pool. Ever since then she only wants to wear her swim suit and get wet. So, I filled the pool with water in the morning. It was still freezing cold six hours later. Did that stop us? No WAY! I filled about 10 huge bowls of hot water from the tap bringing up the water temp to about 89 degrees. It was still cold due to the wind but we had a fun time splashing. A lilac bush is desperately trying to bloom outside the back door. I HAD to get some pics of the gorgeous purple blooms. They smell heavenly. Our front tree is also covered with lovely white blossoms that smell divine. Oh I love, love spring. I forgot to shoot up with my nasal spray last night and could tell a definite difference. Guess the yucky stuff actually works because I breathe exclusively through my nose, which was almost a forgotten art. Other than a lot of computer and premature swimming I've made a ton of new flower clips for Amelia and I to gussy up our hair. So fun! Gotta love Dollar Tree silk flowers. Last night Amelia and I went over to a friends house to show her how to crochet a hat brim. It was nice to adult talk while Amelia played nicely (surprise). She seems to like older children more than children her own age. That must be normal!!

Justin is going turkey hunting tomorrow, all day, making me the hunter's widow. Bummer. I told him he has to get a turkey in order to go duck hunting. One of his friends suggested he buy a Walmart turkey and shoot it. That does NOT count!! LOL. He had all his gear laid out to make sure every part of his body was covered in manly camo. Most of the clothing actually looks like PJs, dorky PJs at that. At least Justin admits he looks like a redneck! Amelia thought his hat was a cowboy hat so pulled out cactus the plastic horse and played cowboy for a while. She looks cuter in camo than a regular adult.