24 November 2013

Strep and Snow

Amelia missed 3.5 days of school this week. She came down with strep Monday afternoon. Poor kid ran a fever, sore throat, and such until Thursday. Now I think she also had Fifth's disease. She popped out a nice rash Friday and Saturday. Her leg and arm rashes look like a honeycomb and her cheeks have the typical slapped cheek appearance of Fifth's disease. One of the daycares incubated the disease and did not alert parents that the daycare had an outbreak. All those kids spread it to the grade schoolers and they brought it home. I know several adults who now have the disease. I took her to the doctor's office on Wednesday. Her strep test immediately turned positive. It took 24 hours to zap her fever and her sore throat feeling better. Now Phillip has the low grade fever and runny nose indicating Fifth's disease. He spit out his medicine on my face and mouth last night, not once but twice. I had nightmares of a spitting lizard spewing poison on my face. We all stayed home from church in attempt to contain the germs. I hope Everett and Evelyn...and the adults are spared. We might have a Thanksgiving in quarantine. 

Sunday evening Amelia convinced me to play lion and puppy with her. I was a silly lion who made food and outrageous noises. She laughed and laughed. The next day I found a cute drawing of lion and puppy on the front window.

Phillip kept trying to clean things in the sink this week. He kept plugging up the sink and making huge water messes. Monday he sprayed almost 2 quarts of water on the floor using the fridge water dispenser. He and Everett then skated in the water until I discovered the mess. The worst part was that the water soaked half of the newly finished laundry. By Wednesday I had enough of finding pools of water and him crouching in the sink. I had him do the dinner dishes for me. That helped stop him from his side job of cleaning things. I can handle him doing dishes for me! Everett joined the fun loading the dishwasher. The spirit is awesome, he whispered the suggestion to me right before I felt like exploding.

Wednesday my Webelo boys raced their awesome cars in the Pinewood Derby. Our new cubmaster is amazing! He took charge and moved the date to November so we would not have so many large event close together. The boys had a blast. Alison and Matt did the majority of the work securing the track, setting it up, and manning the computer.

We woke up to snow Thursday morning. Justin went deer hunting in 12 degree weather. He was frozen! He came home by noon reporting the deer were hiding. Phillip told me he had his deer hunting underpants on! Then he pretended to be a dead deer on the floor. That kid cracks me up. He and Everett made a huge mess in their room clearing a spot to play bear in the cave under the bunk bed. The kids went outside to play in the snow for a little while. The wind gusted snow into our faces. Everett was not keen when snow blew into his face. He made some pretty awesome faces. Phillip got his bum stuck in his dump truck! Justin suggested we try out Dela's Cafe again for lunch. It was yummy! We ordered gyros for us and grilled cheese for the kids. Justin let me do a little shopping while he stayed home with the sickies. I made a "CUTE" outfit for Evelyn this week. She looks awesome in coral!

Phillip took bath. I left to get him a towel. Came back to find him wearing my drying pants that I hung over the shower rod. He was so happy about how silly it was to wear MY pants in the tub. That kid. Amelia was reading out loud to me. She paused and then said, "It's like magic...when I start talking, I can't stop!" I laughed and laughed. She is turning into a delightful young lady!

I found a last minute babysitter so Justin and I could go see the late show of Catching Fire. It was awesome! I was a little peeved at the theater. They started the movie 30 minutes after the advertised time. We had to line up outside in freezing temps. I slipped into the theater and waited in the lobby with Evelyn. The movie finished 45 minutes after I told the sitter we would be home. I think the movies are just as fun as the books. The directors did a great job creating the movie based on an amazing book series.  

Saturday I made soap foam for the kids to play with. I whipped up 2-4 TBS of soap with 1/4 cup of water in my Kitchen Aid. It makes the neatest foam! I threw in good and bad guys into the foam and let the kids make a mess on the kitchen floor. I find that controlled messes are much easier to deal with then surprise messes. Har-har! I was going stir crazy by 3:30. We packed up the kids and walked around Cabela's for an hour. The kids rearranged the store (just kidding) and burned off some pent up energy.

I weighed myself  Friday morning. The last time I weighed myself was 10 days after Evelyn was born. I weighed less than before I got pregnant. I felt pretty awesome considering the difficult birth. My tailbone still aches pretty bad most of the time. It is getting better but gives me grief and pain. I usually gain weight after I give birth due to gnarly nursing cravings. This time it was out of control! Darn it. I try hard to keep my weight as healthy for my body. It is time to get back on an exercise regime. For the first time in a LONG, LONG time I lost my initiative to exercise. I am so tired that getting up earlier makes me feel even more tired. Drives me nuts that I feel such pressure to be and unattainable thin. Women are so much more than how much we weigh. I have so many talents yet all I seem to focus on is how much I weigh and making myself miserable thinking about my outer appearance. Motherhood is tough. Having 4 kids in 6 years is tough. Having a Phillip is tough. Having a difficult birth almost put me under. Too add another weight on my plate makes me want to cry. There must be balance. All I really want now is to be healthy, not skinny, just healthy. Find the happy medium for MY body. Justin gave me some gorgeous yellow roses. He sure knows how to make me feel gorgeous. Breaks my heart that half the time I don't believe him when he tells me I am pretty or look great. My kids love me even with my belly rolls. How do I believe him when the mirror tells lies to me? How do I overcome years of negative self-image? My mom told me that my body is built like my Grandma Jean, pretty much that I am fighting a losing war. My grandma Jean is a healthy lady! She lives a healthy life! She is not built like a supermodel. As much as my mom's advice hurt, she is right. I need to just be me and happy with me, whatever that is. I am not implying that I give up, but do the best I can squeezing in what I can when I can. Eating healthy foods and making good choices for me and my family. Step off soapbox...