05 August 2010


Hooray! We celebrated my three-three birthday today. Amelia was super excited about celebrating another birthday in our family. She sang happy birthday half the day, mostly to "dear, Amelia." The kids and I enjoyed a long bike ride this morning. Even the wind cooperated and went away for a couple hours. We picked up Justin from work and went to Old McDonalds for lunch. Mmmm, McDonalds. Will she ever get tired of it?

Justin and I went out on a date after dinner. We hired our first babysitter for the occasion. Susan and Stan's (Justin's boss) daughter is now living at home, freshly graduated from college. She loves kids and was more than willing to come over. We went skeet shooting for a couple hours. Geesh, Justin's shotgun is nearly taller than me. I need a smaller gun. Together we royally stunk at skeet shooting. I think we hit 4 clay pigeons out of 30. The Sidney shooting range has a 1.1 mile long course you walk with about 10 stations. Each station has 1-2 skeet machines set up to challenge the best of shooters. By the 8th station my shoulder was screaming from the gun retorts. We did not finish the course because our time ran out. Bummer! Next time we will schedule more time and start out earlier. The sunset was amazing.

Justin came home from work with a lovely bouquet of flowers and an ice cream cake! Well done, sweetie. He noticed me eyeing the DQ cake topped with butterfinger candy the other day. Amelia kissed the package, desperately crooning sweet words to the cake. I think she was more excited than I was. Once open, her finger was the first thing in the cake. Can't blame a girl for tasting the best part: whipped cream. So, hooray! Happy birthday to me. Thanks everyone for the lovely messages and birthday wishes.