30 April 2012

Rainy/Windy Days


Last week we had a couple rainy days and a couple windy days (and I mean windy). Phillip got tossed around by the wind on Friday. He popped back into the garage after trying to play outside. He was crying about the wind pushing him down and that it needed a time out and to shake a rug (our consequence for pushing). Thursday I needed something to amuse the kids for an hour without the TV on. We built a fort with some chairs, benches, clamps, fabric, and the slide. They had a blast!!! The slide in entrance was a definite hit. I kept up the fort until Saturday morning. This week I sewed up a shirt for Phillip, finished Seth and Jacob's Mickey shirts, and made some other projects.
Friday evening while we put the kids to bed I noticed the washer was running a bit ragged and loud. When I took out the clothes there was an 18 inch rip in the rubber gasket or bellows. Like a dork I decided to start the next load and see what happened. Justin was watching Willow, he did not have any input for me so I went ahead with my plan. Yep, the washer leaked. It leaked something major. Justin noticed it and did most of the clean up since I was being a total booger about helping. Water seeped through the basement ceiling and all under the washer and surrounding area. We cleaned up that mess before going to bed. Yuck.
I was going to go with Alison to Cheyenne bright and early Saturday morning but stayed home to help with damage control. I had to wash half of the freshly laundered and dried clothes at the dang laundromat. Justin took us out to lunch. Amelia had a photo session with someone besides myself! Her dance company had group and individual photos for their upcoming performance. Amelia was quite precise as she posed her feet and arms in first position. The other little girls in her class had no idea what Mrs Margaret was asking them to do with their arms and feet. Makes me proud of my little ballerina. Alison is training to be a supervisor for Bountiful Baskets. She brought home a lovely basket of fresh fruits and veggies for us. The process was so easy! Monday I ordered a basic basket and added a Mexican veggie pack. Alison picked up my order while she was getting her training. I think she said the baskets weighed about 26 pounds. We spent $15 for the basic and $8.50 for the add-on. Each week I spend over double that at Walmart for second rate fruit and veggies. The strawberries (not pictured) were consumed rather quickly; the best I've eaten in years. I cannot wait for the BB to start coming to Sidney in June. Alison is my heroine! Thanks for making the sacrifices to bring BB to our area. Hooray for yummy, cheap, healthy food.
Right before dinner I gave Justin a lecture about eating the expensive pecans I keep in the cupboard. Then proceeded to make granola for dinner using said pecans. I burned the batch, ruining the precious pecans. So...I made another batch with more pecans. The irony! Shoulda kept my big mouth shut.
My brother James made me laugh late last night. He sent me a photo of my nephew, Jacob, with several bags hung on his bed. My sister and I were known as the bag ladies for our obsessive tendency towards shoving stuff into bags and declaring our room clean. Watch out Jacob...you will need repeated therapy to overcome bagging tendencies.