02 May 2009

Deliciously Spring

Here are some absolutely lovely blooms...proves spring is here! My runny nose is the other indicator! LOL. Justin helped me out at the storage unit today, more like I watched him. We found the rest of my maternity clothes, my jewelry, Amelia's spring clothes, and cables for the printer. I was squealing with delight over all the cute shirts packed away in my maternity bag. Most are long-sleeved but the weather is pretty cool so I can sneak in a couple wearings. I feel like a new woman. Amelia got soaked up to her neck last night jumping in puddles. We found one puddle with 1.5 feet of water. Of course she tripped so got her coat soaked. Did that stop her? Nope! She finally came in after getting two huge bruises on her knees from falling on the asphalt. I need some rain boots!

Justin and I are actually going on a date tonight! What a novel idea. Alison will watch Amelia while we go see the new "Wolverine" movie and get some eats at a real restaurant (not McDonalds).