20 August 2011

The Never-ending Week


I thought this week would NEVER end. It was long and hard for us all. We started the week off with a great FHE out at the Webb's home. About six families congregated with camping food to share around a fire. The kids were all over the place exploring the animals, the hills, the pond, and such. Amelia even shot a pellet gun with the help of Brother Grunig. She was so happy to shot a gun like dad, but was sad that she did not shoot an animal. LOL. On the drive over she sang "we are almost out of time..." over and over to some tune only she knows. Poor Everett started with a nasty stuffy nose on Saturday, he was happy in spite of not feeling well.

Tuesday I took Phillip and Everett to the DR for Everett's 2nd month well-baby visit. I thought maybe Phillip gave Everett the yucky nose so wanted to treat them both. I also finally showed the DR Phillip's nasty allergic reactions to bug bites. He often has red swollen bites. Everett weighed in at 13 lbs 02 oz, 25 inches long, 35 cm head circumference. He is in the 90th percentile for height, 50th for weight, and 25th for his head. He has a funny shaped head that sort of reminds me of the Nefertiti bust, making hats for the kid is not fun. The Dr put Phillip on Zyrtec and told me to just use saline and humidity for the baby. I hate that colds are no longer treated. It is murder to try to feed a baby with a yucky nose, sleep is just as hard.

The rest of our week is a summation of dealing with sick kids and sick mom. I can barely talk due to a sore throat and stuffy nose. One of the most difficult things about being a mom is not being able to just be sick for a day or two. Instead I walk around on little sleep which stretches my recovery out. When the kids are sick too it makes for crabbiness all around. Our schools are back in session now so Neleigh is not around to help out. She was a great help!