24 January 2016

Manage the -ger

I had a bit of relief this week when the baby dropped a bit, maybe just an inch. I was able to bend over, clean toys off the basement floor, walk to get the kids from school, etc. Then she crawled back up to her happy place on Friday. After she moved I was chiding myself for being a wuss, until she moved back. Wuss-dom is back on. Her position is driving me crazy. She is laying with her butt wedged against my right rib cage and her head is near my left hip bone, so diagonal. I am happy to report a lot of nice practice Braxton Hicks contractions. It wears me out but, so glad that particular muscle is working to get this baby out. No worries, only top to down contractions, nothing really useful. I see the Dr on Tuesday morning. Hoping for some good news, like keeping my induction date as the 11th.

Marcia, the saint, deep cleaned the living room this week. Everett and Evelyn helped her as often as they could escape my attempts to keep them occupied. She thinks the kids are pretty great. She even vacuumed Everett's stash of Skittles he hid in the couch. After she left he tried to replace the stash. I convinced him to use a baggie instead.

Wednesday I had a concerning conversation with Everett's preschool teachers. He is still acting immature when it comes to not getting what he wants right away. At home it is quite a bit worse. He resorts to kicking, punching, and yelling when results do not go his way. We are all scratching our heads thinking of ways to help him overcome his anger issues. I criticized my actions when it comes to dealing with his behavior, some of the time I just make the stars align so he will just stop his tantrum, short-term results. The other percentage of time he spends in his room trashing his bed. He is such a lovable kid that his outbursts are flummoxing. Courtenay referred me to a parenting book, about teaching kids self-management. We are also working on his tendencies to interrupt. I hope he will be ready for kindergarten this fall. If he needs another year that will be fine too. I think we start kids way to early anyhow. I used to have a teacher with the last name of Swanger. She used to sagely say that the only difference between a swan and anger is the -ger. We are working to help Everett manage the -ger. LOL

I pulled out a couple crafty items for the baby this week. I made a cute Valentine's shirt, a shirt with her name embroidered on it, and finished edging the blanket. I was delighted to get a call from Grandma Jean. She sent Amelia a Rumer Godden book, a forest friends book, and a quilt block she cut from a quilt her Grandma made her. Pretty special stuff!

Evelyn and Phillip just love to give the baby raspberries on my bare belly. It makes her kick! She is eating strange stuff for breakfast lately, ravioli, taquitos, sandwiches, and left overs. Makes me laugh...and feel nauseous. She insisted on eating dinner on the bench with her little chair on top. I tell ya, shades of Phillip.

We had some warmer weather this week, a balmy 45 degrees outside! The ice is finally starting to melt a bit. The kids enjoyed playing in the muddy slush left in the yard. We are grateful the East coast is keeping their snowfall to themselves. I hear places got 2-3 feet of dense snow.

Justin, with a little help from me, cleared out my computer corner, replaced the plastic table with his Ikea computer desk. It was soooooooo awesome to vacuum the space clear of dust and spider webs. We cleared away old cords left behind the table. It feels so much nicer! I am glad for the extra storage space. As I get time I can start moving files to the upgraded kid's computer and convert that to my working space. The kids had a great time playing baby animals on a plastic ark (the old table) lost at sea.

Justin texted me during the rush to get everyone dressed for church. He wanted to know if I would accept another new calling. I texted back a good gracious. He responded, does that mean yes or no. Silly man, you don't text me a calling, especially not during Armageddon to a pregnant lady still trying to wrap her head around the logistics of Sacrament meeting alone. Phew, I will have to think about that.