29 July 2012

Riverside Zoo


This past week I was the grouchy camper. Let's just call it hormones adjusting after Everett stopped nursing. I forgot how grumpy PMS makes me. Grrrr. Justin let me watch Batman Friday night all by myself. I have no qualms going to a movie alone. It's not like there is much time to interact while watching a movie. I shared my own popcorn, drink, and gummies...with myself. It was balm to my hormonal soul. LOL. I came home 2.5 hours later much refreshed. I was preturbed to see quite a few children at the movie, young children like ages 1-8. My kids would have nightmares after watching a movie like that. Wondered what parents are thinking taking their kids to shows like that...even midnight showings.

Our ward had a fun breakfast for Pioneer Day. We celebrated the day going to the Riverside Zoo. I enjoyed passing Chimney Rock. Gave me pause to reflect on our Pioneer heritage. The zoo was in even worse condition than last year. Makes me sad to see such a nice little zoo going to waste. One Monkey even waved at us. The kids fed the ducks, aka the fish. I was creeped out by all the fish swarming over the food. Gross. Everett was the only kid brave enough to pet the little donkey and feed it. Once we reached our heat level the kids enjoyed a foray into the splash pad. Everett did not like the splashing water. Phillip ran around all the water and the perimeter. We had fun until Amelia slipped and cracked her head on the pavement. We treated the kids to lunch at Sonic. I wanted to get some fabric at the tiny, ghetto Joann's. I had all my stuff picked out in 5 minutes. It took 35 minutes to get my fabric cut and my items checked out. There was no wait. The cutting lady was slower than molasses and the lady who checked me out had to enter in each item by hand since the scanner was not working. Made me grouchy.

Everett is growing up so fast. In the past couple weeks he learned how to:

crawl (he crawls a few paces, to get under or around something...then scoots)
fold his arms and say "men"
Cruise around using the furniture
swim relatively well
loves to look at books
squeal like a pig (I am taking some joy in squirting him with a water bottle when he squeals for no reason)
stand on his head
can do the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Sunbeam song
Counts to five (he hears that way to often when I warn Phillip)
sings and dances to music
loves bubbles

Happy Pioneer Day!

Cheyenne County Fair

Strange. I have not blogged in almost 10 days. I hope my memory serves me well. I had a fun HS Senior session Saturday at 8 am. We took soccer photos, cheer leading poses, and photos of her large Nike shoe collection. Justin "watched" the kids by going back to bed while I was gone. Came home to find Phillip in Everett's crib and Amelia putting on my makeup.  After the session I had the urgent need to get out of dodge. We packed up the kids and drove to Sterling for a day at the "water park" pool. It was supa dupa hot. The water felt amazing. Everett was really grumpy and not acting like his happy self. He had no fever or any other symptoms, just one whiny baby. Even the lure of the water did not entice him for long. Phillip is becoming more and more brave in the water. Amelia finally went under the waterfall feature for the first time by herself. My kids are not fans of spraying water, sprinklers, etc. Pools are fine. Saturday evening Jenny (the HS senior) and I had another photo session out at the Webb's abandoned homestead. The clouds covered the sun much earlier than anticipated so the photos are not as crisp as I wanted. Amelia came with me to help Jenny smile.

Monday for FHE we worked on our 72 hour kits again and had a lesson on Repentance. Tuesday we went swimming at the pool. I picked up some new floaties at Walmart since Everett's floatie totally ripped a huge hole. This time Everett was Mr water baby again. He was almost swimming in his new floatie. He learned how to swim on his tummy in the floatie and not get a mouthful of water. Amelia and Phillip swim all over the big pool. I love the confidence their arm floaties give them. Friday we went swimming again. Phillip took off his floatie in the baby pool and taught himself how to swim under the water on his belly. He could swim half way across the pool before coming up for air. Then he proceeded to leap off the side (back to the water) and blow bubbles out of his nose once he reached the water. It was so amazing to watch him gain confidence and teach himself how to swim! Friday I had fun visiting with a lady who also has a son named Everett. She is an amazing knitter!

All year long Amelia requests stories of when she went to the fair. I tell her the story of what happened at the fair when she was two and three years old. Her favorite time of year is when we go the county fair. When I told her Wednesday was the day for the fair she was ready to reenact her favorite story. She had a picnic lunch ready and her outfit picked out. We ended up going after Justin got home from work so the picnic did not pan out. It rained right before we left. That was a blessing because the fair was quite unpopulated. We had a great time eating some dinner. I love Everett's reaction to the animals. Amelia and Phillip got to pet a bunny, touch some chickens, and look at sheep, goats, calves, pigs, and steers. Amelia introduced Phillip to the sheep. She put her arm around his shoulders and gave him a tour. That was a sweet moment in my book. We got some tickets and let the kids ride some of the jerky, awful rides that kids somehow love so much. One of their favorite shows is Team Umizoomi. One episode showed the characters playing fair games. Phillip really, really, really wanted to play a game. He chose hitting balloons with a dart. The fair worker was so awesome. He let the kids play until they hit a balloon (three tickets = one dart). Both kids won a teddy bear. Phillip wanted to play another game so we let them play a duckie game. He chose a fairy wand for his prize. He was so proud of his dorky little prizes! Amelia LOVED the Ferris wheel. Everett totally rocked the Wrangler diaper cover I found last year. Amelia promised not to cry when we left this year. She made true to that promise!

Thursday I finally started painting the pink wall in Phillip's new room to yellow. Actually I painted the closet doors. Hey! It is a start. Might need some help with the kids to get the rest done. I did not put the paint right away (shame on me). Phillip rolled paint on his trike, Amelia's bike, and the double stroller. He was a good sport helping me clean up the mess. You think I would learn. Sometimes covering all the points that need attention is more than I can keep up with. I got ANOTHER haircut. Still is wonky. No more. Next time I am shaving my head...by myself.

20 July 2012

Upcycling Adventure

An old Tank Top from Salvation Army

18 mth size dress, hemmed into a shirt

Pom-pom blanket

boy pixie hat

Monster hat

Felt bow


Bikini Onesie (if I made it again I would make the applique smaller because there is no stretch to get the onesie over the head or body. The onesie has a strap and back bum on the reverse side. OR use knit and zig-zag stitch)

Pom-pom blanket and matching headband (felt)

Old gray sweater into headband

Thrifted tank into bonnet

Same old sweater into bunting

Yarn given to me over a year ago...goes with the new apple crates I found (eek!)

Delved into my new amazing stash of 100% wool felt (thanks Courtenay for the tip)

Invasion of the Grouchies

I LOVE Everett long frog legs. He loves to sit hunched over with his elbows resting on his knees.

He he. Makes me laugh!
Wow. Double wow. Our kids are so grouchy this week. Amelia is sassy(er) than usual. Her mouth is constantly back talking. I made her a calm down jar today...a jar filled with water, a bit of glue, and glitter. She has to shake the jar and be quiet until the glitter settles to the bottom. I think the nerves of starting Kindergarten are ramping up her mouth.

I tried to potty train Phillip (again) on Monday. He cannot start going to preschool until he is potty trained. I picked up a super radical Lightening McQueen potty for him. It did not perk his interest, except to sit on it, push the button, and then pee on the carpet 5 minutes later. Zane and Morgan were over to play that day. He made three steaming piles in the basement...at three different times. I thought Zane was going to toss his cookies when he noticed the pile of poo sitting near Phillip's boots. I am glad he did NOT poop into his boots. He just does not care! I put him back in baby diapers a size (or two) too small. One day he will decide. I predict he will decide before he starts school. LOL. It is not worth the fight to get mad at him and punish him. He can do it when he wants. What does it really matter. At least the pee and poop are not scattered around my house. Little animal. I seriously want to dress him up as the Muppets Animal for Halloween. That or a cave man.

Everett is throwing mini tantrums today. He is not a happy camper. Yesterday we went to the lake again. Even the water was not enough to temper his woes. He tolerated the beach and water for a while but mostly just wanted to suck on his binky. His 12 mth shots must be catching up with him. Wednesday I noticed he popped out two more bottom teeth. One tooth is completely through but the other is cutting now. Poor kid. One of my favorite things about Everett is when I lay on the floor. He immediately drops everything and scoots over to me, then throws his body on my tummy. He climbs all over me. Nothing is better than chubby baby wrestling. Even then stringy drool is worth those kisses and snuggles. I miss those moment already!

Monday we worked on our 72 hour kits again. I decided we needed to make lists of what each pack contained. We listed out the items while listening to Bill Cosby. Brain Damage. He he. We need to add a couple essential items but pretty much the packs are current. I need Justin to assemble the items he wants to go with the 72 hour kits but are not packed. These items will go in a large plastic tote we can grab but are still accessible for easy use. We added some new books to our library: basic survival, basic medical skills, knot tying, SAS survival book, and the Country Living Encyclopedia. I want book form in the most likely event that the WWW is unavailable.

Tuesday I had a photo shoot with a cute little 2 year old girl. She was not about to wear the outfit her mom brought. Phew. She threw an awesome tantrum. I told mom to leave and let the girl pound on my floor. Once she stopped we had a good session. Wednesday I gave the floor a thorough sweep and mop job. While I mopped Master Phillip broke my expensive studio light bulbs ($45 per bulb). Then he took a broom and started smashing the bulbs in the can lights on the ceiling. My ears were smoking and red , steam leaked out of my ears. He is lucky to be alive. I spanked him, put him in time out...then snuggled him until he screamed for mercy. That kid is assuming quite the debt at an early age. Don't worry, Phillip, I just added the expenses to your growing tab.