16 June 2011

Little Punk Knuckles

I tried to get some photos of the kids wearing their matching shirts. Yeah. That was FUN...or something. Amelia was making crazy faces, Phillip had a four inch wad of gum in his mouth, and Everett was being a baby. Geeze, get real kids! At least the photos are candid.

Right after my mom and brothers left Phillip turned into a different child. He has a stubborn streak as wide as the Nile right now. He throws tantrums, won't listen to me, and is being a normal toddler trying to find his new place. It is sort of driving me nuts as well. When the baby is awake Phillip seems to think that he can do whatever he pleases. Instead he finds himself strapped into his high chair, in time out, or outside. I am making extra time to just sit with him while Everett is sleeping to read or snuggle. I want my smiley little guy back. Sometimes I feel close to tears that these new behaviors are changing my happy boy. I am praying for that extra measure of patience. His speech is improving rapidly. In Nursery he LOVES the Sunbeam song. I often hear and see him bopping along to "un-been." He also loves to say, "Dude, oh man, stinker, sit down, snack, come here, soft, nice, book, and shoes."