08 July 2011

Six Weeks Old


Everett is six weeks old now! Time is flying past us. We had a humid, hot day yesterday so I took Everett out in the afternoon when he usually takes a long nap. He slept for part of the time and then gave me some cute alert time. The mosquitoes and stinging grass ate me alive. Surprisingly the baby received no bites (phew). This location is across from the park. I love the long grass.

This past Tuesday we hired a 12 year old gal to come over and help me play with the kiddos and lend an extra hand. Her name is Neleigh. We went to the park yesterday with Neleigh and had wonderful time. She chased Phillip around and kept him occupied while I nursed the baby. I am so grateful for a little extra help a couple days each week. Next week she will go with us to the pool and library! Amelia had a fun play date with Lily yesterday. She was over the top excited to go and play. The last time she went over Lily promised they would play princess make up (over a month ago). When I told Amelia about the invite the first thing she mentioned was princess make up. The girls played and played! Lily indeed made true to her promise. Amelia came look sporting an amazing face of toddler make over. It looked like she had a sunburn or was crying for an hour. While we waited for Amelia to come home Phillip found a dragonfly. He is very interested in bugs and swimming now.