21 September 2011

One Strong Arm


A picture Amelia drew of baby Everett, he has "E" hands, lol

We enjoyed having Justin home for the entire weekend! The first weekend in a couple months. It was nice to have time to clean and get the laundry done and folded. Justin worked on fixing the front screen door, which was partially ripped away from the door frame during one of the storms this year. Amelia had a fun service project with the Primary. The kids sang songs and handed out cookies at the rest home then cleaned trash up at the park. Each child earned ice cream toppings by reciting memorized scriptures. It was a fun day.

The weather is starting to turn a bit crazy with one cold day then warm then cool, then hot, then cold. This also means the wind is a lot stronger of late. Our utility bill is grateful for a break with the cooler nights. Justin gets the whole house fan going each evening for a couple hours. It really cools down the house in a jiffy. Sunday evening we all went on a nice walk. Amelia wore a cute little white dress with a white sweater over it, she also had a black purse slung over her shoulder. Justin and I looked back at her and both noticed how much she looked like a Sister Missionary. I regaled her with mission stories for part of our walk. THAT WAS FUN. At one point she said, "hey!" I said, "hay is for horses." She replied, "honking horns are for pigs!" I was totally stumped.

Everett decided to take short 15-20 catnaps Sunday-Tuesday. I feel like Popeye with one huge arm after lugging him around for three days. Monday I was so tired I went to bed at 9 pm, totally unheard of in these parts. He napped pretty well (so far) today. Maybe he was just going through a funky phase.

Monday we met Justin at the park for a fun little picnic. The weather was perfectly amazing! We noticed the Evans family taking a picnic lunch so joined them. Sister Evans said we looked like a perfectly adorable family. Awwww. That was nice. Amelia looked pretty cute in her vintage dress and boots, with pigtails to boot. Phillip said "I love you" for the first time, at least for the first time that we understood him. He keeps getting up between 6 and 6:30, that is early for me since I go to bed so late. I finished a cute outfit for Everett on Monday and a cute onsie for a little girl. Courtenay gave me the pants partially completed, I put in the waistband, cut the leg length, and hemmed the pants. The little chick hat I made last week was so cute that Everett totally needed one too. I enjoyed crocheting while Everett and I snuggled. I am so grateful to Justin for helping me clean up more this week since my arms were so full of baby.