11 November 2011




This week feels like a blur of activity and restlessness. I ended up sewing quite a bit this week for orders some local folks placed. To get it all done and still be an attentive mother I let the kids do several fun activites while I worked. Monday I made a cute zebra outfit for a baby's first birthday. I love the shirt, tutu, and headband. Since I was worrying about the size poor Everett got to try it on. He looked a lot like Amelia did at that age. It cannot believe he is big enough at nearly 6 mths old to fit into 12 month sizes. Stop growing little baby boy! It is going by way too fast. Yesterday Alison took all the kids from 9-1 and Amelia until 4. I took the chance to sew up a large order of two appliqued shirts (cannot show that yet), two coordinating skirts, and two head ties. Last week I got some chiffon to make some new tutus for my ballerina. She only has one right now! I love the crochet waistband and tie waistband.

Monday the Amelia and Phillip got to watercolor the bathtub. Both kids were occupied for over an hour! Phillip was in heaven to make a mess and not get yelled at. I was in heaven watching him enjoy the activity. Phillip painted while Amelia was in preschool. During Phillip's nap I let Amelia loose in the bathtub. She is quite the artist! That activity is something we will do again. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I let Amelia and Phillip play with paper, glue sticks, scissors, colors, and embellishments. Amelia made three scrapbooks. She cut paper for about 20 minutes with the neatest face of concentration ever. Phillip is pretty adept at using scissors...especially for a two year old. Not sure if that is scary or not. He made five awesome collages. Wednesday we had Ella and Bryn over after preschool for the afternoon. The girls played and played. Wednesday I introduced Phillip to the joys of our rice box. He loved pouring the rice into containers. When he got tired and threw some on the carpet his time was over. We have two tules with the rice box: no throwing rice and no rice on the carpet.

Wednesday I cajoled Kelly into taking more family photos of us in her studio. We were at her studio by 8:20 am...that was amazing. I loved the outdoor photos but wanted individual poses, family, kids, and spouse photos for a new wall collage. Phillip was done in about 5 minutes. Kelly worked miracles bribing him with a sucker. Being a photographer myself makes me a bit picky when it comes to what I want. Thanks Kelly for session number two! Can't wait to show you the new ones. The kids earned a doughnut afterwards. I earned a nap which was not realized. I appreciate Justin not complaining and being a good sport for me. That is true love.

Thursday morning Phillip woke up at 5:30 just howling. I went into his room and took him downstairs. When I looked at his face it was swollen, blotchy, and covered with bumps. The skin was warm to the touch and his eye was nearly swollen shut. He looked awful. After more Zyrtec, Benedryl, Ibuprophen, and medicated lotion his skin looked a bit better. Not sure what he reacted too. The only new food he ate was chocolate sprinkles. In actuality I noticed his skin becoming irritated about a week ago but it usually clears up after a day or so. I fear he is in for some allergy treatments.

Justin makes me laugh. He gets so excited over hunting. I cannot get this man to put away his clean clothes or help with the dishes. Yet, when it comes to hunting he is so organized. Tomorrow he is going deer hunting. Already his car is neatly packed, his gear waiting on the car spoiler, a new bolt installed to hang the dead deer in our garage (totally distgusting, gross, and morbid), and guns cleaned. Once I learn how to transfer some of that energy into helping around the house and with the kids I will sell the secret. Wink.

Lastly, my Kindle is out of time out. I can now borrow eBooks from the digital OverDrive Library System. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!