08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I am not much into holidays. BUT! Mother's Day is a great holiday for so many reasons. It is an excuse to go out of your way to say thanks to all those amazing women in your life. When I think about Mother's day the photo above always seems to pop into my mind. At the time this photo was taken my Mom had my older brother, James, me, and my sister, Jana on the way. I look at my life now with almost the same number of kids but hers were ever so close together. I think about the stresses of little ones and the admiration for my Mom exponentiates. I love Amelia's name because it reminds me of my Grandma (Amelia) Jean and my Grandma Baerwaldt. Both are amazing in their own ways. On Mother's Day I also think of my sister Jana and Miekka and Courtenay. All three bring so much love and diversity to my life.

Today Amelia sang with the Primary during Sacrament. I melted watching her eyes seek me out then beaming as she stood up singing. Before that Justin took the kids so I could sleep in a bit before church. When the time came he let the kids jump into our bed. Phillip was wet with milk and breakfast cereal. He slobbered kisses all over my face. Amelia bounced around yelling, "Happy Mother's Day! Mom!" That little moment is engraven on my heart. Justin's surprise gift of a Kindle was ever so thoughtful. I guess he finally noticed how much I read! LOL. I am so grateful to have Justin in my life. He makes all the other little things possible, like staying home with the kiddos.