07 April 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs


This evening we colored Easter eggs with the kiddos. Waiting all day just was almost too much for Amelia. She wanted to call Justin every 10 minutes to get him home from work as early as possible. Coloring eggs was a toddlers dream. Who needs a spoon or wire egg dipper when one has ten handy fingers? Phillip started out with yellowish hands, then blue, then Incredible Hulk green! I fumbled the orange dye and spilled it on the cardboard and floor. I think the same thing happened last year. Orange and I must have issues. Everett was not so keen on watching the fun, he screeched for a good while until I gave him some fruity marshmellows. This afternoon Amelia glitterized the eggs with glue and glitter. They are super fancy now. 

The rest of our week seemed crazy. Phillip is going through a super messy stage (driving me crazy). It seems just as I get something done my little helper is undoing it. He really is just trying to copy me and help out. I removed the wallpaper border on Amelia's side of the room and painted a wide pink stripe in its place. We moved her tree/owl stickers to her side of the room and finished hanging pictures. Next week maybe Everett's room will get some attention. Our house seemed ultra cluttered with all the stuff coming in and out of rooms. Wednesday I stuffed the extra clothes totes up in the garage attic. Nearly killed myself getting them up there by myself. Ella spent part of Thursday with us. We enjoyed having her over to play. Phillip stuffed an entire pack of adult wipes down the toilet...literally. He had his arm completely shoved down the u-tube making sure those wipes were doing their job. It was not pleasant getting the wipes out. 

I totally forgot that Monday the boys and I drove to Cheyenne. I stopped by Hobby Lobby for fabric, Big Lots, Once Upon a Child, and Target. The kids all needed some summer clothing and shoes. Our main goal was going to the consignment store, Once Upon a Child. The boys did really well considering! I am so excited to start sewing. I finished Amelia's birthday skirt yesterday after botching the first attempt. I tore apart the skirt and made a completely different design. I have stuff to make the kids Disneyland shirts. With the extra fabric from Amelia's skirt I made a cute newborn bonnet. Photos one day soon. Amelia went to the Wild Cat Hills Nature Center with her preschool friends while we were gone. She had a fantastic time!

The big news of the week is my brother Jeremy's mission call to London England South! He will report to the London MTC mid-July. He will be the 4th missionary from my family to serve in the British Isles in past 5 years. We were all surprised he was called to a foreign mission, all the boys in my family were called stateside! Justin declares he was not surprised. Jeremy will be an amazing missionary. Jared will be all alone at home with two old parents until he leaves on his own mission. Poor dude! Two old fogies and one teenager in the same home. Makes me smile thinking of all the vitamin "L" Jared will get from Dad. I am not sure I reported my Dad's next assignment. He will be the Inspector General at the fort in Draper, UT. Totally unexpected but the best option for our family right now.