23 September 2010

Happy First Day of Autumn


Autumn started today! We celebrated the event with an outing to the park, ice cream cones, and watching the Harvest Moon rise over the Nebraskan farms. Fall clothing creation is in full swing. My sewing room is a booby-trapped, lovely mess. I love having that room messy because it means my creative hands are flying and having a great time. The kids enjoy playing in my sewing room because I set up a "house" for Amelia to play with her kitchen, dollies, and such. Phillip enjoys pulling everything out of drawers and drooling on my leg. I am inspired this week by using old outfits for new ones. I removed an old applique on Amelia's second Halloween outfit and made it less girly for Phillip. I refashioned a cute skirt and shirt outfit for Amelia from an uber cute skirt from Salvation Army that I will never fit into (bummer). The waist band was intact, so I ripped out the zipper, snipped out the middle portion to shorten the skirt, and sewed up the sides, the reattached the skirt to the waist. Not really easy, peasy but rather a challenge that nearly stumped me. Thankfully, there was enough fabric with roses on it to salvage for an appliqued shirt. Add some bling for cuteness, then done! Next I refashioned a pink shirt from our local consignment store with a ratty old star on it. I made use of reverse applique with appliqued ears over the body for a sweet elephant. Amelia is in love! Amelia's Halloween outfit from last year received an extra inch of ribbon on the skirt, cut off the onesie bottom and added a ruffle to the shirt. It is a bit much, but I am proud of it! Alison ordered two hats for Ella last week. Since I was on a crochet kick I made Amelia a green one in compliment to the one for Ella. Amelia's has a fun brim and Ella's a beanie. My favorite are the pants for Phillip. A couple months ago I bought a length of knit at a garage sale for a Phillip outfit. He totally rocked the stripes today! This evening I made a coordinating applique of a squirrel for the pants. Justin often calls Phillip an angry squirrel when he goes about chattering out this and that. I did not have enough knit fabric to allow for matching the stripes from front to back, sort of bothers me! Just look how cute his diaper bum is crawling away from the camera.

The rest of our week was pretty tame. Went visiting teaching Monday right after dropping Amelia off at joy school. Alison picked her up to play with Ella for the afternoon. Finally mailed some stuff (sorry ladies, I am horrible at mailing stuff). Amelia talked my ear off about how much she enjoyed learning about the letter B at Zane's home. Tuesday we played with Ella almost all day. I got the new Tinkerbell movie after lunch, course they BOTH wanted to watch it. Wednesday, Deb and I taught the Wolf and Bear dens. At this time we don't have anyone called so the parents and I are helping out. The boys completed the Bobcat Trail in one hour. Seven boys can be rowdy but cookies can reign them in when needed.

I feel tired now. Must go read the Red Pyramid...totally rockin' read by the way.