28 August 2008

Kisses at the Park

Kisses for Daddy

Amelia is asking Daddy for a BMW...he is agreeing and doesn't know it

My newest venture into the world of appliqueing

Justin arrived home late last night in order to play golf with the KPMG guys early, early this morning. Poor guy is tired from all this traveling. He earned a sweet sunburn and tired shoulders from golf. Yesterday Amelia helped me choose a new pattern to decorate a plain pink shirt we had...it was a monkey! We went to DI for out weekly scavenge hunt. Some lady dropped off a load of practically new Carter's, Old Navy, Gap, and Gymboree clothes. I got 3 shirts for Miekka's little baby and two shirts for Amelia. The best deal was a rubber chicken that squawks.

Today Catherine came over for craft hour at my home. We made a bracelet for Kate and a pair of earrings for Catherine. Mostly we gabbed away! I was in poor form due to a raging headache and a terrible night of sleep. Amelia woke up 6 times last night with a runny nose. Her new crib trick is to throw all her binkys overboard then cry for them. Too bad, so sad little lady. We had lunch at Smelly Taco (ie Del Taco) for a diversion.

Justin met me at Inkley's (probably to monitor me and make sure I didn't spend $3800 on a new camera and lens...as if?!). I bought a reflective umbrella, lens cap, and media card wallet. I did slobber over an 85mm fixed lens...it was $1800. Geez Louise. This evening I made tortellini with a tomato, bell pepper, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar glaze. I love using fresh ingredients from my little garden.

I asked Amelia if she wanted to go on a walk after dinner was over. She toddles over to the door and said, bye-bye. She watched Justin put his hat on, so she opened the closet door, reached into her hat drawer, and put on a hat just like daddy. Ironically, she chose a hat that matched perfectly with her teal outfit! That's my girl! I love watching Amelia learn new things. She finally learned how to crawl through the play ground tube. First, she tried to stand up and bonked her head, then she crawled through, then tried out her stink bug crawl, then went backwards, etc. Love it! She even gave Justin some nice, boogery kisses.
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