09 February 2012

Productivity is Channeled Elsewhere


I love to crochet. I love to sew. I also love my house clean and my kids happy. Thus...more energy is channeled towards a clean house and happy kids. My photography business is pretty slow, on purpose. I stopped advertising a while ago and now only accommodate those who know me from church or repeat customers. Valentine's day gave me the chance to sew up some shirts for the boys. I lengthened the sleeves and bottom of Mia's shirt from last year with one of my old tee shirts. It looks even cuter! See the photos of her new haircut for the outfit.

In the past two weeks I also crocheted 5 hats for my awesome family Doctor, Dr Shaw, who has breast cancer. She needed some warmth to cover her head from the cold. The kids helped to deliver the hats. Amelia was impressed that a girl would get a boy hair cut. It was sweet to watch the kids give her a hug and kiss. Amelia told Dr Shaw that she hoped her body feels better so her Rapunzel hair can grow back. Course I forgot to take photos of the hats. Gasp.

Amelia found a spare 4t shirt I was going to use at Christmas. She told me that the shirt needed a cute Hello Kitty. I was down with that idea so we trolled the image pages on google for a cute and easy Hello Kitty. We both LOVE the ballerina kitty. The shirt sleeve got smeared with some black fabric paint thanks to Everett.

About a month ago I started a dinosaur hat for Phillip. Yep, it took me a long while to get that one done. A little here and there! I finished it this morning. He was SOOOOOOO excited to wear it to the library. He approached each of the librarians and growled at them. Crack me up.

Lastly, I made a couple items for birthday babies. One little guy had a photo shoot with me so I made him a party hat and two banners. Another little girl celebrated her first birthday. The shirt ripped a hole while I embroidered the "N", shoot. It looks obvious to me and tacky, but the buyer had no idea. Gotta love that.

***My good friend Madison told me a while back that her Mother-in-Law finally figured out why she felt so compelled to have projects like sewing, crochet, etc. It was the a part of her life that when the project was completed, it stayed completed. I give a hearty AMEN to that. Once Madison voiced those words they rang true and clear. During these busy times as a mother to three young kids, those little projects I fit in are not to be supermom, rather, to give me a sense of completion in at least one area of my life.