13 January 2015

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam

Everett finally graduated from nursery to primary! He was on the long-term nursery program from age 3 months to 3.9 years old. I was a little nervous he would revolt and insist on staying in nursery to play with toys and have snacks. I am so grateful for amazing primary leaders! I saw the new little Sunbeams lined up along the wall with bubbles in their mouths and folded arms. He was pretty excited to join his siblings. For the first time since Amelia we do not have a child in nursery. Evelyn will start Nursery the 01 of March. Yippee. Everett was very excited to show off his moves for me, I think he might be a male version of Amelia with the strange poses he pulls for me. 

Monday I was all ready for school to start after our strange and accident prone vacation. Amelia stayed home to rest her arm per Dr orders. I tried calling the school throughout the day but Peg did not answer. I sent Phillip to school. Phew. I was ready for a nap when Justin came back home with Phillip. Apparently, I missed the memo that school started the 6th and not the 5th. I remember telling the Dr there was no school on Monday but she insisted it was in session. Guess that cleared the memo from my brain. We finished the day with FHE about the life of Christ. I tried to organize a treasure hunt, it ended up being way too long. I had 19 clues, at each station Justin read from the scriptures about the event. Amelia was too tired so she rested on the couch the last 10 clues. 

I ended up at the Dentist office to fix the same tooth 3 times. It felt like 4 since the week before we all had our teeth cleaned. My back right molar crumbled a few weeks back the dentist filled in the missing chipped area. The next week the new piece chipped off while I was flossing. This time he took out the entire filling, that was on our anniversary. I insisted he not use anything to numb my mouth. It was not painful just felt strange. That same evening as I flossed the new filling came loose. I pushed it back in and did not floss that area until the dentist was available to fix it a third time. I think this time he succeeded in fixing the tooth. He grooved the inside of the remaining tooth so the epoxy would have something to adhere to. At the end he flossed the tooth several times with no problems. Hooray. I am tired of weekly dental visits. 

I took Phillip to school on Tuesday. I changed the radio station to NPR, he immediately exclaimed: "oh no, not this channel, it plays the freaky waaaa-hooo-aaaa music." I asked if he meant classical music and he agreed it was crazy. Guess I need to play crazy freaky classical music more often. 

I accidentally left my favorite black fleece jacket at the Methodist church a month ago at Justin's work party. I don't get very attached to clothing...except for this jacket. I wear it almost everyday. Sometimes it seems like the jacket is my wardrobe staple. I love the asymmetrical zip, the fit, everything. I asked Justin several times if his co-worker ever located it. Out of desperation I called the church directly and asked the secretary to look. She found it in the lost and found. I was beyond elated. Simple little miracles like a lost jacket returned makes me feel very happy. 

Amelia went to half day of school on Tuesday. She came down with a little runny nose Monday evening so I let her sleep in instead of waking her up for the early portion of school. She woke up at 9:30, unheard of for her. We quickly got dressed, our plan of attack is to wear short sleeves with one leg warmer on her right arm for warmth. She requested a doughnut for breakfast so each kid got a sprinkle doughnut. Mrs Belieu told me after school that Amelia is Wonder Woman. Amelia said she gets her brave heart from me. Blush. Wednesday she went to a full day of school with no complaints! Thursday morning we met with Dr Sisk at the clinic. He checked out the x-rays and suggested he reset the break, a large chip was poking out. He sent us to hook Amelia up with some "Michael Jackson Juice" in the hospital. We were glad surgery was not on the agenda. Still Amelia was admitted into the operating room and prepped for the same procedure she received in the ER. She was pretty hyper until the IV went in. Justin and I had to wait in the lobby during the procedure. After the reset her radius looked smooth with no jags. We started over with the medication regime and icing her arm. Dr Sisk put her back in a splint with the sling due to swelling around the break. She goes back in next Thursday to check on swelling, if possible she will get a cast. I hear a cast is much easier to deal with than the splint. It seems she is healing faster and has almost no pain after the second setting of her bone. She was starving after the procedure, she picked breakfast at Sonic. Our waitress gave her a free ice cream cone, which is what she ate for breakfast. The boys and Evelyn were so happy to spend the morning with RJ and Michael. Sarah sent me a cute photo of Evelyn giving her some snuggles. Thursday she spent the rest of the day at home. She felt so good Friday morning she woke up all by herself ready for a full day! 

Thursday evening I signed up the boys for a gymnastics class. Phillip was not keen on taking a girl's class. We showed up to find 7 wiggly boys at class as well, his good friend Noah Dean was also in the class. The poor teacher was outnumbered, 17 to 1. I watched for a while then finally jumped in and sat with the wiggling pile of kids while waiting for their turns. Phillip was quite disappointed the teacher did not show him how to walk on his hands. 

Our home sees many rousing games of interplanetary imagination with the Super Nova Battle Rover. The kids played a cute game, adding in a mickey mouse tractor who managed the farm. All the kids were so engrossed in their game they did not notice me taking a couple photos. I had to hire Jody Olsen to crochet a couple hats for me. I tried to crochet some hats this week. The yarn felt so strange on my half-numb thumb that getting the correct tension was out of the question. The yarn would also catch on healing skin and pull it. Shudder. Jody crocheted me three hats in one evening. I had to use the bonnet she made me for Evelyn. It was cold but not terrible. Still Evelyn was not happy about taking photos outside near the snow. Even in the buggy she was crying, until I put a stuffed bear on my head and danced a jig. That earned one small smile! 

Amelia earned a row of outstanding marks on her report card. I chastised her for not obeying me. I tease her to be terrible at school from time to time. She never listens! 

Saturday we planned on making a trip to Scottsbluff to go to Menards. Justin and I woke up with intestinal distress and sore tummies. Justin slept until 10 then napped from 1:30 to 5. I got to take care of kids and shop at Walmart for food. The myth that mommies are not allowed to be sick is mostly true. We get to saddle up and rustle on regardless of how we feel. The kids and I played with rice for a couple hours. Phillip made a cool rice trebuchet, it was cool until he launched handfuls of rice on the carpet. It vacuums up easily so no big deal. Even Evelyn had a fun time pawing around in the rice. 

Evelyn grew in length recently. I now find her feet touching the chair when I cuddle her. Boo. She is quite the little climber. If she can climb something she will. I often find her little eyes peeking over the counter tops when she finds a stool nearby. Her newest trick is imitating animals. My ultimate favorites are her horse and pig noises, she makes a strange sucking noise for the pig. If she ever spots Justin or I on the carpet she will lug over a book, back up, and plop in our lap for a story. Her favorite books are Touch and Feel Animals, Peek-a-boo flip and find, and Little Feet Like. She can say stinky, ma-ma, mmm-ilk, no, beep, Mia, etc. Evelyn still only has 2 little teeth on the bottom. Sometimes I can see the outline of top teeth on their way down, looks like she MIGHT have top teeth before she turns 18 months. Evelyn loves to help out around the house. She can be found unrolling toilet paper, trying to fish in the toilet, emptying baskets/drawers/shelves, and helping spread kitchen tools around the house. The other day I found my bra hanging outside, Evelyn noticed me puzzling over the oddity when she pushed open the door, slung the bra back over head, and went back inside. Well, then!!