25 August 2012

Shuper Heiro Three


Meet the amazing and fantastic Shuper Heiro Three. He is fast, sneaky, makes mischief of all kinds...and has the best smile and belly laugh ever. Under the mask is Phillip, our appetite for destruction, little boy. He has melty brown eyes that melt mommy's heart when he gets into trouble. Phillip helps us see the simple and amazing things this world has to offer. Even toilet paper stuffed in the sink becomes a miracle of wet paper art. I can just see him in my mind's eye watching the paper stick to the wall with a sucking sound. Sounds sort of fun to me too. I think he is creative like me...just in the wrong avenues. He is stubborn like both Mom and Dad. Once he starts a task donkeys cannot pull him away.

Phillip is FINALLY speaking in sentences. His words and sentences make me laugh. Short. Succinct. Descriptive. He is lucky to get a noun and verb into a sentence. In the next little while he might start speech therapy through the school district.

Phillip is a whole boy full of opposites. He is loving and rough at the same time. He is sweet and crazy. He is outgoing and then snuggly. He is active but can be found reading a book for minutes and minutes on end. He is exasperating and funny at the same time. What a kid.

Phillip is 33 inches tall and weighs 34.6 lbs (home scale). Everett measures 31 inches tall. Either Phillip is short or Everett is tall. He is not interested in potty training. He wears baby diapers and gets constant teasing about that. No water off his back...yet. He met all his major milestones for a three year old at 16 months, except for speech. He can jump, run, climb, ride a bike, skip, hop, somersault, and tackle. He can unscrew a screw, spray paint, sort things, and understands basic commands. Seems to be allergic to the words: NO!!!, STOP!, PHILLLLLLLLIP!, and WAIT!

Can't wait to experience another year with our Phillip boy. Happy Birthday little man.