08 July 2009

Ramen Mail

I love our little girl! I went to check the mailbox yesterday and found 5 packages of Ramen Noodles stuffed inside. She couldn't find real mail so filled it with her favorite food! I am still chuckling over that little discovery. There are happy moments between her and Ella. Ella knows how to push her buttons and she knows how to react. Mia is just like me when it comes to reacting, or should I say over-reacting?! I started a sharing time limit yesterday and tried to show Mia how to wait her turn by laughing instead of seething.

I woke up this morning thinking we spawned a Devil's Child when it comes to sleeping. Little stinker decided to be wide awake between 1 and 4 am. I tried for 40 minutes to get her back to sleep by rocking and singing...no good. Then took her to bed, she kicked us and talked for 40 minutes. I finally got up and took her to Walmart with me at 3:15 am. We were out of children's Benedryl. The checked looked at me like I was crazy to have a toddler in tow. I looked back that she was crazy to think I would do this willingly. Once the Benedryl kicked in she went to sleep for a peaceful 4 hours. I feel bleary-eyed today. No idea why she pulls this trick every couple weeks. She does have a tiny runny nose. I asked her several times if she had any owies in her ears, bum, nose, mouth, tummy, etc. She happily responded, "No, (pause) the sun is night-night." No Joke KID!! We went VT this morning in the small town of Potter. One of the ladies works 3-4 jobs so the only time we can catch her is when she works at her local library. We spent a lovely time with her then another lady in our ward. VT is quite relaxing for me. We have two more appts this week...finally done before the end of the month!!

My baby afghan is finished! The blanket pattern came with a newborn hat pattern as well. Once I crocheted it the hat was large enough to fit a 9 mth old. So, I made another smaller one to fit when the baby comes. Don't you love the colors? Yummy, delicious!