09 June 2010

Cuff those pants!

Alison lent me a tutorial on adding cuffs to exisiting pants. I completed an outfit order for a lady for a shirt, matching pants, and hat. I love how it turned out, delish! Last week I made these uber cute pants for Phillip from some Salvation Army men's pants. They were a smidge too short...so just add cuffs and cute pants get even more adorable and fit for longer! Throw in a cute, smiley baby boy and, presto, perfection! I saw a tutorial on "Make it and love it" a while back, then saw an outfit Alison made for Ella, so HAD to attempt it myself. I was not so lucky in knit choices so worked with what I had. The neckline is adroned with pin-tucked knit and the sleeves and bottom edge with a raw strip of knit. I pulled out her Halloween skirt from last year and added a length of matching knit to complete an outfit. Too bad I forgot a pin in the shirt neckline...now she won't wear it because of the pokey pins. She ran around naked for three hours in a crying fit because I wanted her to put different clothes on. Little stinker, sometimes she tries my very last nerve. Later she made up for it with nice snuggles, kisses, and a story about our trip to Rushmore. While in Rushmore we bought Phillip his own reindeer toy. He loves Amelia's soooo much. Yesterday Amelia and I made her reindeer toy a pink kerchief with sparkly bunnies on the fabric. Now we can tell them apart.