09 December 2012

Santa Came to Town



I forgot to add the photos last week of Amelia mailing her Santa letter. She was over the top excited. I was so impressed with our Bishop's testimony on Sunday. At this time of year we hear a lot of testimony about tithing with tithing settlement going on. Bishop testified that if we work as a ward to pay tithing that the stake and district have put our new building top priority. We have to make some sacrifices as a ward! Sunday evening Phillip's ring finger nail popped off. I am not squeamish about much but his nail bed totally grossed me out. He must chew on his finger nail quite a bit. No blood, just popped right off. Amelia helped me go through her closet picking out clothes for Chrissy. Mia was pretty distraught picking out what clothes are her least favorites. It always amazes me that kids can shun a toy for months/years but as soon as a parent tries to give it away, the item is suddenly their favorite.

Monday we used our Nativity set to tell the story of Christmas. I love watching the kids trying to grasp the importance of Christmas. Monday morning I had an impromptu newborn session with a little boy, born at 34 weeks. He was already 3 weeks old but so tiny and ever so sleepy. Meagan watched my boys for the morning. Phillip was quite upset when I came to pick him up. Meagan has the coolest toys ever. Amelia had Zane over after school for a play date. That girl is crazy about Zane. It is so silly...and way to young to start all that nonsense.

Wednesday was a crazy day. I am getting my piano students ready for their recital this coming Friday. My photo session showed up 30 early right at the tail end of piano lessons. I was not set up at all. We got the session done then wolfed down dinner and headed to the church for scouts. Justin is going with us now to do some work in the Family History library while I do webelos. I am glad he can work on his calling. My boys and I worked more on the Fitness badge. They are almost done with it! By next week we should be finished IF the boys complete their homework.

Friday morning I got to photograph the 7th child of the Christian family. Little Makayla is such a cutie. She has a lot of older siblings to love her as she grows. Her next sibling is 7 and her oldest sibling is on a mission. So exciting. Jeneal comes from a farming family. I found an old milk bucket and milk jar, paired with a cute baby in a cow hat made for a pretty darn cute photo. She was so easy and sleepy. The boys did great helping me during the session. We snuggled down to watch a family movie with popcorn after dinner. That was nice.

Yesterday Santa came to Cabela's. We went early to have a special lunch at the cafe and shop for Punkle Joe's Christmas present. When the kids heard the bells ringing as Santa walked through the store I thought Phillip would have jumped over the balcony with excitement. Amelia asked Santa for a crayon maker. Phillip asked Santa for something no one could decipher. Everett only wanted  a candy cane. Amelia went with me to volunteer for the Bountiful Baskets at 3 pm. Amelia disappeared to play with Ella. All the volunteers helped distribute the fruit and vegetables into 80-90 baskets. After the distribution I checked in the folks picking up baskets to their basket number and any extras. It was fun even with frozen toes and wind touched cheeks!

On the way home Amelia and I laughed and laughed as hordes of tumble weeds migrated along the road and across the road. I could not help but laugh! We saw great droves of tumble weeds bouncing around like live animals. When we drove up a hill a car from the other side lit up a row of bouncing, rolling weeds race across the top of the hill. Then I plowed right through the weeds impaling several on my hood. That was a really silly experience! Imagine me squealing with delight as the van mowed over tumble weeds. Silly. Justin and I went on a date to see Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. Alison and Matt snuck in a bit after the movie started. We enjoyed some verbal banter with them during the movie. Alexis did a great job tending the kids AND cleaning up the basement! Hooray for awesome babysitters.

Meagan and I are working hard to bring some Christmas joy to the Betony family. It breaks my heart to see these two grandparents doing all they can but not quite making it. This coming week Sister Betony and her 3 grandkids staying with them all have birthdays. Little Chrissy does not understand why her mom won't send her a present. We got them a Christmas tree, decorations, a Bountiful basket, clothes, and treats. We hope to spend FHE with them tomorrow decorating for Christmas.