27 April 2014

Snaggle Tooth Princess

 Life got the better of me...and kept going. RUDE. I am feeling a *bit* overwhelmed with the piles of stuff I need to keep track of. Our impromptu trip to Utah did not make that pile any better. Before we left our half a week was super busy with lots of fun stuff.

*Dyeing Easter Eggs: We dyed for FHE. he he he. I am so funny. You can tell Everett is sick by observing the top photo. He had a constant look of consternation on his face, not just for one day but the past 3 weeks. I thought he was getting better. Alak, no, events will tell the truth. The kids had a blast dyeing eggs. I've often wondered why we don't dye eggs more often. It is a really fun activity. I guess if we dyed eggs more often then Easter would not be so special. While we dyed eggs we talked about the meaning of Easter. I made resurrection rolls, which are biscuit dough rounds dipped in butter, sugar and wrapped around marshmallows. The marshmallows disappear during the baking process. It is a fun and delicious way to talk about Easter.

*We all had dentist appointments this week. The dentist finally acquiesced and pulled Amelia's top right tooth. The root was super long, it even took the dentist two hard yanks with his pliers to get it out. Since he was pulling teeth I had him also pull her right incisor, it was also damaged when Amelia was 18 months old so was 1/2 the normal size. She fell off a stool onto Grandma's marble floor in Amman. Chipped her two front teeth.  Amelia was really brave while he yanked. While I got my teeth cleaned, Mr Phillip was about 2 inches away from the face trying to get a good look at the process. I spent the time counting his boogers.

*The boys got a professional trim from Mr Cal. While we waited Cal let us play with his stash of super hero figurines. I joined in the fun and soon the boys and I had a full sound fest going on. Cal commented he has rarely heard such amazing sounds coming from a lady's mouth! Well, I learned from the best (James Lance). Cal is amazing. He trims hair with no guides on his trimmer. Plus he is super fast.

*I took the kid's Easter photos on Tuesday before we left. I had a photo session scheduled so used the time before to take a couple of my own kids. The kids cooperated beautifully. During the paid session the kids enjoyed a picnic dinner in the field we used and went on a hike. Evelyn enjoyed her ride in the front pack. She loves when I carry her!

*I finally went to see the Dr for a prescription of antibiotics. I had the worst sinus infection of this year so far. He looked at Everett and said he looked just fine. I took Amelia to piano lessons on Wednesday instead of Thursday because she has a recital coming up. I did not get a chance to start packing until Wednesday late afternoon. Needless to say I was up late rushing around making sure we had enough stuff to last a weekend away. I made ramen noodle soup from scratch to help with all the nasty colds in our family. Ramen soup from scratch is absolutely delish. Yum.

*Phillip had a fun spring party at school. He came home with a cute little spy glass and lots of Easter treats. Recently, Phillip started classifying his Hot Wheel cars by color and size. I love when kids reach this stage.